Blue Cup – “Still Crazy after all These Years”

The Blue Cup was established in 1991 by the Vernicos Yachts Club and takes place each year at the end of October and in the first week of November. Sailors from around the world spend nine days racing their sailing yachts on the route which changes slightly each year.

Each port of call offers cocktails and parties after the race, together with prizes for each day’s racing and the last then hosts the Grand Prize Giving Ceremony for the most successful participants.

There are usually fifty chartered bareboat yachts that participate in the event, gathered in the Dream Yacht Charter fleet and steered by crews from different countries, such as Russia, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Italy and many more. Some of the crews take part in the regatta for years now, but new crews are always welcome to join in. If you do plan to join this race on a charter yacht we recommend to check the offer on our site specialized in chartering yachts in Athens area.

Standard charter yacht equipment is used for the race, so you do not need any specialist knowledge to participate. Of course, there is a Race Committee in charge which oversees the race and ensures a fair competition.

Join in and see how sailing around the Saronic Gulf can be fun and exciting, an experience you will remember for years to come!

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