D-Marin Mandalina – Marina with a Five Stars Hotel in Its Backyard

Located not far from the historical core of Šibenik town, this marina offers much more than just a berth. After being taken over by the Turkish nautical tourism experts from Doguş Group, brand new pier reserved for mega yachts was built while five stars hotel resort is under construction.


This marina became famous for its location in naturally sheltered Mandalina peninsula. Moreover, the marina is located in the close vicinity of shipyard facility, providing refit, maintenance and all kinds of technical support for yachts. However, the neighboring shipyard will not disturb your relaxed stay at the marina at all.

A part of the marina for some 430 ‘small yachts’, where all of the facilities for charter fleets and private owners are provided, Super Yacht Marina Facility makes the ideal berthing hub for yachts up to 140 meters in length, due to unlimited draft conditions and strong electricity power supplies, which exceed 600 amperes.

Visitors of Super Yacht Facilities at Mandalina are invited to an excellent Mediterranean restaurant within the marina, including the impressive wine cellar. In the close future, they will be able to shop in exclusive boutiques and a five star hotel resort which is being erected in the backyard of the marina.

The marina for ‘small vessels’ is equipped with standard electric and water supplies on the piers. Food and beverage supplies can be prepared in the well equipped store located next to the decent restaurant and bar for sailors. Smaller damages can be fixed within the marina service area, while large refit and construction works could be arranged in the neighboring shipyard.

D-Marin Mandalina is connected with the city by a quick and reliable taxi service while a direct boat line operates during summer season. The marina itself is not equipped with a gas station, but at the opposite side of the marina there is the Lukoil gas station which operates around the clock all year round.


The location of the marina is more or less at the same distance from both Split and Zadar international airports, which makes it one of the most popular yacht charter spots in Dalmatia. In addition, there are two national parks related to Šibenik, the Kornati archipelago which is about 20 NM away from Mandalina, and the National Park of Krka where a system of cataracts amaze thousands of tourists. The best way to get to Krka National Park is the scenic ride through the river Krka canyon.

All you have to do is navigate your yacht upstream and moor her in the city of Skradin regardless whether you decide to take a berth at the marina, city waterfront or anchor it in front of the city. I believe there are enough reasons to visit or do business with the D-Marin Mandalina.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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