Dufour 382 Grand Large

Dufour 382 Grand Large – A Unique Modularity Concept

What does unique modularity mean? The answer is given by Dufour Yachts. The concept of unique modularity is impersonated in the model Dufour 382 Grand Large. The goal of naval architects from Felci Yachts, responsible for the design of this baby, was to maximize comfort on board a vessel under 40 feet and balance sailing in all conditions.

This model is characterized by a wide and spacious cockpit with large folding stern platform. Furthermore, the deck surface abounds with large windows which contribute to modern look of the yacht and they maximize natural illumination of the interior. The rig is characterized by a self tacking 22 m² jib, full batten 36 m² mainsail and boom inclined forward, in good old Grand Large fashion.

Maximum sailing area amounts to 69 m² with optional sails. Such rig layout maximizes sail lift efficiency while longitudinal rails allow performance oriented owners to have a 108% genoa with extra sail area. The result of survey carried out among the owners of Dufour models 365, 375 and 380 are 6 different interior layouts with two or three cabins.

First of all there are two galley concepts – to port in the so called ‘Mediterranean style’ or ‘traditional’ L-shaped galley. In case of ‘Mediterranean’ longitudinal galley there is an option of a second bathroom. Have in mind that we are talking about the vessel shorter than 40 feet, while twin bathrooms are usually found on 40 footers and larger yachts.

Foldable dining table, when opened, allows up to eight people to dine and is the largest in class with length of 140 cm. Navigation table is designed in a manner to allow additional extension of saloon sofa. All interior layouts consider the exceptional fridge shaped as two 160 l drawers which allow better cooling as well as greater space distribution.

At the end of the day, we may conclude that designers of Dufour 382 Grand Large tried to satisfy diverse demands of the market which is not an easy job at all. Having in mind that remarks from previous Dufour models were taken into consideration as well as the latest innovation by naval architects; the original goal is completely achieved.

Overall length of Dufour 382 Grand Large is 11.23 m, while maximum beam amounts to 3.85 m. Fuel tank and water tank capacities of 200 l and 360 l should be more than enough even for the most demanding customers. Dufour 382 Grand Large is powered by 30 HP engine while stronger 40 HP is available as optional. It’s clear that Dufour 382 Grand Large is a serious vessel and it will be interesting to compare experiences of the owners of different layouts of the same type. Don’t you think so too?

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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