The Bay of Heavenly Tastes – Zaklopatica Bay

Zaklopatica is a bay on the northern side of Lastovo island and is known as a peaceful and safe bay among Croatian sailors and foreign visitors. Open to the north with a view to Korčula island, the bay is situated around 2 km from Lastovo and 7 km from the port of Ubli. The famous Dubrovnik is 55 NM to the southeast. We recommend you charter a yacht in Dubrovnik and enjoy your ride to Lastovo.

The bay offers an excellent anchorage in the turquoise waters, while its shores are mostly occupied by restaurant terraces and apartments that offer private accommodation. If you want to explore the interior of Lastovo island before you go to a restaurant for a delicious dinner, you can always rent a bike and discover the island.


One of the best things about Lastovo island is definitely Konoba Triton. This restaurant was founded by a former commander of a maritime police patrol boat. After his retirement, he realized that city life did not suit him, so he decided to enjoy the peace of his house in Zaklopatica and share it with his guests. The owner’s philosophy is that everything that is on the plate should come from your surroundings. That is why his food comes from the waters around Lastovo and is caught by him. He grows his own vegetables and makes his own wine. Bread and meat are the only foods he does not grow or make at home.

If you want to eat at Triton, you will have to announce your visit and provide the information on the type of your yacht and the number of the crew members. Triton is equipped with moorings, but the number of visitors is limited. After enjoying the dinner at Triton, many visitors decide to prolong their stay, so you should inform your host as soon as you decide to stay.

The menu at Triton always depends on the “daily catch”, but a standard offer consists of fish soups, marinated and salted fish, carpaccio, risotto, brodetto, buzzara, mollush salads… They are all prepared according to old family recipes and recipes gathered during cruises on the Mediterranean. Visiting Triton is always a new experience because, despite the “standard” offer, the food always has a special and unique taste.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong must!

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