Easier Path to Favorite Marinas and Beaches in Greece, Turkey and Croatia – Online

There is nothing new about online guidebooks but this time I want to share with you the brand new online guide fot nautical locations for the most popular sailing spots in EuropeGreece, Turkey and Croatia.

Under the code name mySea there is a free online nautical guide that makes life easier for sailing and travelling enthusiasts who are amazed by seaside and water-sports.

mySea, in fact, is a data base equipped with over 25.000 points of interest such as beaches, surfing spots, bars, restaurants etc. Sailors are provided with crucial information on the locations of safe anchorages, harbors and their infrastructure, the environment and the mood in certain coves, bays and many other places.

Furthermore, mySea web portal invites all sailors and travelers to contribute with their experiences and findings by uploading new data. What makes this portal so special is that all data was gathered from diverse sources ranging from tourist boards and information centers, authorities, professional skippers, yacht owners, charter companies, local community members, experienced travelers and tourists, tourist journalists and globetrotters.

All data is accompanied by real photos taken in order to show the spot and make it easier to find it instead of beautiful commercial landscapes processed by Photoshop…

The idea to launch such portal was born in the head of Mr Axel Düllberg, a passionate sailor who has been exploring the Mediterranean for more than two decades.

The content is currently available on www.my-sea.com in the English language, with the German version and iOS and Android applications expected to arrive soon as well.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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