Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

A Croatian proverbs says: “Water is a good servant, but a horrible master”.

Unfortunately, parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia found it out the hard way. For the last couple of days people in these parts have been struggling to save their lives, family and everything they have worked for their entire life.

The worst floods ever in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia have already claimed their victims and have done a considerable damage. Many people have been forced to leave their home and go to organized shelters not knowing when they will be able to go to back home. If their homes are still there…

The Croatian Red Crosshttp://www.hck.hr/en – launched an emergency appeal and you can help by making a cash transfer to the bank account
IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 (multi-currency account) SWIFT: PBZGHR2X
reference number for Bosnia 05, Croatia 08, Serbia 07

The money will be used to ensure that everybody affected by floods has something to eat, warm clothes to wear and a place to sleep.

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