Forget Skateboarders, Spinlock Knee Pads Are for Sailors

Two women on a yacht wearing kneepads

Yes, that’s true! When I was younger, a teenager, my knees looked terrible because I enjoyed skateboarding on improvised ramps and empty fountains. Such activities seem impossible without using kneepads but in those times proper kneepads were unaffordable for me so I improvised. I remember that period of my life with nostalgia remembering professional kneepads as unattainable as the Holy Grail.

So the first thing that came to mind when I thought of knee pads was skateboarding and unrealized dreams. As soon as I started following regattas and observing what the ‘big boys’ do and what they look like I noticed their kneepads! I did not believe that a sailor could use them because kneepads were locked in my memory in a chest with ‘skateboarding’ label on it.

Few days after I took part for the first time in the sail races team I realized that some positions aboard sailing yachts are unimaginable without knee pads. Not only does the boat rock on rough seas, but the skipper always yells when the weight is not transferred fast enough to the other side of the deck. Trying to do everything well results in numerous bruises and painful knees of inexperienced sailors. Even after few years of practicing knee pads are very good friends to many sailors during the races.

My highest recommendation for all those who found themselves in pain few days after regatta is to refer to Spinlock website and search for their knee pads. Their cuffs are made of breathable neoprene, extra tough outer protection is made of kevlar-based fabric while the patella is supported and protected by high density moulded foam. All materials are extra light so skippers won’t yell about additional weight onboard and your performances would be greater for sure. It’s always easier to sail when your knees don’t hurt too much…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!



Janko is a professional skipper in love with writing. Our most prolific blogger, he has sailed the Adriatic from the north to the south. With an incredibly broad array of interests, Janko is an expert in a variety of topics, all of which he delivers to our readers in a clear, imaginative and often humorous manner.

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