Dufour 335 Grand Large

Grand Large 335 – Big Yacht in Small Package

That could be the best description of this yacht. Dufour Grand Large 335 is full of innovations and includes all successful features of her bigger sisters. Despite her small sizes – she is 10.28 m long overall and has the beam amounting to 3.49 m; she is surprisingly spacious.

The stay aboard 335 seems very easy and relaxed thanks to numerous ergonomically shaped solutions while her sailing performances are astonishing. Her total sailing area is divided between 25.7 m² of the jib and 30.7m² of main sail. The recognizable design is signed by the naval architect Umberto Felci who managed to make Dufour 335 Grand Large comfortable even for long-legged cruises, giving the yacht a modern and elegant look.

There is no backstay on this model while the mast is placed forward, which made it possible to incorporate a rather large main sail. Such sail set allows easier maneuverability, better sailing performances along with greater comfort in the cockpit. The commands are placed near the skipper’s position so single handed sailing is pretty easy.

The aft of Dufour 335 Grand Large is surprisingly wide, some 90 cm wider than the one of smaller Dufour 325. This made the cockpit extremely spacious and large enough for twin steering wheels. Additional swimming space is provided by folding transom which turns into generous swimming platform when opened.

The interior is designed by Patrick Roseo and is very simply and functionally organized, which would be the top priorities on small sized yachts. There are two cabins and one bathroom. The galley and saloon abound with impressively simple and ergonomic solutions which make one feel like being on a much bigger yacht. There are three versions of Dufour 335 Grand Large available – Comfort, Liberty and Adventure.

Comfort is commonly called the standard version. Still, this version is equipped with LED navigation lights, high-power alternator and a large waste tank; which would be called additional equipment on other yachts. Apart from the mentioned, the Liberty version is equipped with full batten mainsail, gas-sprung vang, and outboard bracket. The interior of the Liberty version is equipped with special dining set, integrated audio system and additional domestic battery.

The Adventure version includes all Liberty’s features along with a cockpit shower, sprayhood, six fenders and a folding propeller. These versions are designed for the British market while the additional equipment may differ depending on the market and dealership.

Dufour 335 Grand Large is powered by 19 hp Volvo engine with the saildrive. Tanks capacity amounts to 160 l of diesel and 220 l of fresh water. General conclusion of this small giant is that it is about a solid all rounder which will provide both comfort and safety while the racer’s instincts will be shown when pushed to the limits.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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