Greenline 33

Greenline – Environmentally Friendly Yachts

Greenline is a brand of yacht manufacturer who was the first to build serial fully hybrid yacht in the world. They debuted with the Hybrid 33 in 2009 and have developed so far a respectable offer of luxury motor yachts which comfort is far beyond expectations.

Nowadays, their fleet ranges from three models smaller than 50 feet to three models in the range bigger than 50 feet, the Ocean Class. Their success story is based on three major business pillars – the regard for customers’ well-being and enjoyment aboard, the regard for energy efficiency and the regard for the environment. The concept was proven as successful and the Greenlilne Hybrid became a ‘crowd pleaser’ as soon as the production started in 2010.

Greenline’s overall success is based on creativity of their expert team which is emphasized in three main innovations. Protected Superdisplacement Hull Design provides less resistance, better seaworthiness and easier handling than standard comparable hulls. Protected Hybrid (diesel/electric) Propulsion System consists of hybrid drive, solar roof and lithium batteries and provides the energy collected from the sun, from the shore pick-up and from the main engine driven generator. Such system powers full sized fridge (270 liter), electrical oven, TV, air condition and other home appliances on board as well as 230 (120) V AC available at any time. The use of this system makes running costs of electric boating by 10 times lower than burning diesel fuel, even disregarding solar energy. Finally, their New Building Technology employs the advanced infusion technology resulting in significant weight saving, environment friendly at the same time.

At the end of the day, this concept is honored with 21 International Boat of the Year, Design and Environmental awards so far. After these words one might conclude that it is a massive multinational company but the Greenline found its home in Slovenia, a small country in the heart of Europe with coastline of approximately 43 km!

The company was founded by Japec and Jernej Jakopin, renowned boating architects, run by Fabrizio Korošec (CEO) and Paul Wuyts (Business Development). I believe that this success story will continue as the market has recognized the benefits and quality of Greenline yachts. Over the three years, form 2010, Greenline became the world’s bestseller with over 300 yachts sold in 28 countries…

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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