Sea Tow – More Than Help When You Run Out of Fuel

This winter I had a chance to watch some documentaries about brave drivers who help heavy trucks and other robust vehicles when they get stuck on important routes in hard to reach roads of the USA. I was really impressed by skills and coolness of those heroes who saved lives, loads and vehicles ably handling with cranes and winches in the middle of nowhere, under strong gusts of snowy winds. Respect!

Short after I wondered how normal it is to call emergency service and road help whenever we get into trouble at any road. Is it also normal to call such service when you get into trouble at sea? Apparently yes. There is a well trained and organized marine service called the Sea Tow. It is a network of U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains and support staff ready to assist round the clock.

The company was founded in 1983 by Captain Joseph Frohnhoefer after the U.S Coast Guard stopped responding to non-emergency calls. Throughout the years, Sea Tow has grown into a respected franchise-based network marine assistance organization. Their services are provided from over 100 locations across the USA with additional offices in Europe and Caribbean.

Sea Tow staff will be there for you in case of engine failure, grounding, water intake, sinking, and fuel spill as well as to support inexperienced boaters throughout their consultancy, seminars and educational programs. Their services are charged in line with the distance to the location of intervention and the nature of help provided. The most common way of cooperation with Sea Tow is throughout the membership which is paid annually or seasonally.

There is also an insurance program available within their services as well as yacht maintenance. Financial services provided by Sea Tow covers a range of sea insurance and sea loans. Sea Tow services in Europe are available in the Netherlands, Balearic Islands and throughout the Croatian Adriatic.

When you read about Sea Tow services and their efficiency, boating really gets similar to a highway ride…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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