Have You Met Captain Runaway Yet?

I got a very cute figurine for recent holidays and I felt like I have to share the story with you.The figurine presents Captain Runaway, which is called Captain Bježo in my country and there is a legend behind it.

Captain Runaway sails the seas and is in great love with his darling Lady of Sugar (Gospa od Cukra). She makes beautiful sweet cookies and everybody loves her.

Once upon a time they met on the first day of summer and fell in love at first sight. He was just taking off the harbor and spotted her between the crowds waving to the passengers of his boat. He couldn’t take his eyes off her wondering if she was really looking at him. He couldn’t stop thinking of her his entire journey and decided to find her as soon as he arrives back.

Fortunately, he did not have to search for her when he got back because she was waiting him on the waterfront. As it usually goes in the legends, they lived happily and their love grew. But the story does not end here.

They really loved each other the whole winter as Captain Runaway waited for another embarkation. Lady of Sugar kept making her best cookies for her Captain making him literally addicted to them. Days were passing really fast and neither of them noticed that the first day of summer is coming very soon. She intended to prepare her best cookies for a special occasion because she also remembered very well the day she spotted her beloved one.

So, on the first dawn of the first day of summer Lady of Sugar was already up, hurrying to make tidbits for Captain Runaway. But what happened – when she got into the bedroom with a trace full of her best cookies she realized that he wasn’t there. She only heard the horn from his boat which was already leaving the harbor. This is where the story ends, but starts all over again as well. Lady of Sugar kept making cookies thinking of her Captain, while he was once again sailing the seas with her in his mind.

That was the legend, and now what is reality? I don’t think this is very far from the real life. Every seafarer I met so far holds his beloved ones in his mind during his long journeys, but also can’t wait to step onboard again.

This is a beautiful story about sharing instead of possessing when being in love. Don’t think that skippers are very different from the seafarers. We are all crazy in love with our Ladies of Sugar, but it does not mean that we also can’t wait to sail out as soon as charter and sailing season begins.

It is certainly not pleasant to spend so much time waiting for your Captain to be back from the sea, but if you really love him you should understand that he would never be happy if he had to give up the sea and wind in exchange for your love…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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