How to Successfully Communicate with Croatian Mariners – Part 2

As I have written in the previous post, there can sometimes arise certain issues between the sailor and mariners who work in Croatian marinas and ports. To avoid any misunderstandings and save yourself from unnecessary stress, read the second and final part of our advice about how to communicate with the Mariners and port assistants.

  • The general rule for skippers is to neglect any advice that comes their way, but mariners and port assistants are rather skilled in what they do. This is why it would sometimes be good to listen to what the have to say.
  • The staff in the marinas are usually more proficient in languages. You can announce your arrival via VHF channel 17, and the staff can explain you the procedure. However, this is almost impossible to do when arriving at the most crowded marinas during high season.
  • The temper of Croatian mariners is very often a topic of a discussion of foreign tourists on the pier. The whole book could be written about their temperament. The problem is actually very simple. You should have in mind that the mariners spend the entire day in the hot sun before you arrive with your yacht. Since early times, people on the Mediterranean have spent the hottest parts of summer days in the deepest shade. It is very difficult to work in the hot sun, which is why you should have patience and understanding for the Mariners. None of them wants to put you in danger, they are just a bit grumpy because they have to work under the sun, while others are on holidays.
Hvar waterfront sailboat in yachting harbour, Dalmatia, Croatia
  • Please, do try to understand that the Mariners feel like they are at home, and you are someone who intrudes. Do not take this seriously, but pretend that they are the bosses and just do what they tell you. A great heart and a kind soul lie beneath the rough appearance of almost all of them. This will be proven as soon as you invite them aboard for a cold beer or offer them a small tip for their efforts to welcome you in their home port.

If you return to sail the Adriatic a few times, you might notice that some mariners and port assistants are always there, always the same. Some of them become the true landmarks of ports in which they work, and becoming friends with them is a valuable experience. I have discovered and learned very much from such Mariners and develop strong friendships with them throughout the years. With some of them, I had quarrelled a lot and we almost started to fight. And then we befriended each other. The fact that we are now friends tells you something, not just about their temper, but mine as well… To find any additional information about sailing in Croatia, visit A Yacht Charter Croatia!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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