Yacht Charter Advice

Adriatic Winds: Bura – Raging Fury From the NE

You will have a great time sailing the Croatian Adriatic, unless you come across bura. It is a strong and an unpleasant wind blowing from the coast in gusts and can reach hurricane strength. The danger from sailors comes from the thick and dangerous sae-spray that can even kill a good swimmer and roll over an inexperienced or overly confident sailors.

Planning of Sailing Route

When going on a sailing trip, you should have a worked out plan on where you would like to sail. Your skipper will do everything possible to make your wishes come true, but you also have to be honest with your skipper about your sailing experience and wishes. That way, he can help with some ideas and suggestions regarding the trip.

Gennaker – Two Sails in One or What?

The gennaker is a type of sail that is less know about, as opposed to other types, such as the jib, the genoa and the spinnaker. Today’s post describes the characteristics of the gennaker and how it differs from other types of sails, particularly the spinnaker, from which it evolved when sailors realized it is much simpler to handle.