Improve Your Sailing Performance with a Smartphone Application

Even hobby sailors have the opportunity to take part in a real regatta from time to time. Regardless of whether it is a team-building event organized by your company, a fun cup organized by your charter company or a real race, the goal is to always give your best.

Without a doubt, every single crew member is precious, but a tactician onboard is of great help during the pre-start procedure. They greatly contribute to the overall strategy of the race. Furthermore, if you want to improve your racing skills, it is of great value to have someone to review the race and summarize your performance and errors. Without a tactician and a coach you can help yourself by downloading the raceQs smartphone application and overcome the problem.

This application was designed for both racers and cruisers, providing them with sailing data they need to improve their performance. It will record your GPS track and render a 3D animated replay, which can be shared with friends or an expert who will notify you about your good and bad moves on the race course. A feature called “Perfect start” allows you to get the start line position and calculates the favored end. It also estimates your distance from the start line and compares your speed. The “Race” mode gives the information about your speed, the course and drift, also taking into consideration the wind shifts and handling glitches. Using the Bluetooth optional hands-free mode you can keep your hands on the wheel and sheets and the eyes on the racecourse while your smartphone is safely stored in a dry place.

The RaceQs social network allows you to upload your race or a sailing trip, giving you an opportunity to evaluate every maneuver you have made. It also allows you to share your sailing experience as well as to receive comments from your friends and tutors. If you sail or race with a fleet in which every participating yacht registers at raceQs, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

The application is available for free download at or through you favorite app store (both for iPhones and Android phones).

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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