Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349s

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349s

Do not worry; continents are still there where they are supposed to be. I’m talking about two new babies in our fleet based in Rogač, on the island Šolta in the Croatian Adriatic – two brand new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349s. Although it is a rather small yacht, she has all you need for a decent cruise.

Following the latest trends in boatbuilding industry, we might say that 34 is the new 50. Naval designer Marc Lombard took the advantage to design the smallest yacht in Sun Odyssey range but he did it in a manner of the greatest. He literally designed a big yacht in a small package. Sun Odyssey 349 has sleek deck and low superstructure so she looks as a racer at first sight, but when we take into consideration her length and draft we conclude it is a short and wide yacht.

That might imply a lot of comfort and the lack of high speeds. However, a tall mast some more than 15 m high supports classic mainsail and 110% jib of total sail area amounting to some 75 m² which is more than enough for decent sailing trip. The rig is designed without backstay while there is a twin rudder system astern which allows the skipper to maintain absolute control over the yacht under way and maneuvering. Friction rings are used to control both jib and mainsail sheets.

Some traditionally oriented sailors would be suspicious about this innovation because they are used to travelers, but there are some advantages of this novelty. As I mentioned above, there is no backstay on Sun Odyssey 349 so two comfortable seats are placed in the corners of cockpit, giving an extra comfortable touch to this yacht. Finally, there is an extra large transom at the aft – bigger than the one on the 409 model. This ‘detail’ gives a totally new meaning of ‘onboard living’ at the anchor.

The interior layout is designed in two or three cabins options. The one with three cabins is more appropriate for charter companies so Siberia and Pannonia are able to accommodate up to eight people – six of them in three cabins and two in the saloon. There is one toilet/shower aboard along with standard L-shaped galley with spacious foldable dining table in the saloon. The modern look and cozy atmosphere is emphasized with LED lights throughout the interior as well as outside, including navigation lights.

Water tank holds a bit more of 200 l of fresh water while 21 HP Yanmar engine can count on 130 l of diesel from the fuel tank. Pannonia and Siberia are 10.34 m long over all with 3.44 m beam. The standard fin shaped keel draws as much as 1.98 m.

At the end of the day, we must go back to the beginning of the post – what Sun Odyssey 349 showed so far leads nowhere else but to the conclusion that she gives much more than appears on a first sight. Make sure that you book Siberia and Pannonia on time because early bird bookings are always rewarding.

To find out more about Jeanneau yachts and see our recommended yacht for charter, visit Jeanneau Yacht Selection.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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