Kingii Wearable – Salvation around the Wrist

The first rule about safety onboard says that every crew member has to obey is to wear life jacket also known as the life vest. If not worn, we all have to know where exactly they are placed. Furthermore, their position has to be ‘on hand’ in case of emergency.

Unfortunately, this rule is not obeyed very strictly when it comes to sailing holidays although statistics claim that the number of drowned is increasing due to avoidance of the first safety rule. We often give precedence to our comfort rather than to safety although modern life vests are made with cutting edge technology, making them as light and as comfortable as possible.

I agree that charter sailing yachts are equipped only with recognizable orange robust life vests in which one feels like wearing strait-jacket; which is not preferred way to spend your holidays. If you are real fan of sailing holidays I would recommend you to get one of modern ultra light and comfortable life vests and always wear it even on the chartered yacht.

Kingii Life Vest

If you are not spending time under sails often enough to prove the investment of your own life vest than Kingii  wristband would be something for you. It is a wearable safety device in form of a bracelet. The belt attached around your wrist holds small CO2 cylinder activated by safety lever. Once released the CO2 inflates a balloon big enough to keep you afloat. Besides the balloon and the lever the wrist belt is equipped with a compass and a whistle. Kingii can be used repeatedly by replacing the CO2 container after use.

This device is for sure more fun than life vest but cannot replace it. It comes in set that includes the belt and two CO2 containers for 69 USD while additional set of five CO2 containers costs another 14 USD. Although Kingii is very handy and fun, go through safety rules and emergency procedures every time you step onboard and try not to get into MOB situation…

I wish you a calm sea, fair winds and a strong mast!

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