The Lagoon 421

Lagoon 421 – Longer and Better

It is another Lagoon model which was born as the improvement of the previous model, Lagoon 420. Lagoon 421 is one foot longer than her forerunner while some more improvements made it a completely new yacht. Bows are now vertical and transom skirts are much wider. Fixed bimini top extended living space from the saloon to the cockpit.

Skipper’s helm station is covered by fixed bimini while mainsail is cut in a manner to hoist the boom so there are no troubles with it colliding with skipper’s bimini while sailing. Since the boom is the hoisted part of the hardtop, it could be used even as a sunbathing area. If you do so, please take extra care because the edges of the roof are rounded and your towel could easily get stuck into the ropes.

The cockpit can be turned either into the dining area or lounge because it is equipped with a changeable table. The light is again the keyword for interior design since there are large vertical windows in the saloon as well as large sunlight windows in the cabins. Natural ventilation of all interior spaces is provided by large and convenient opening hatches. Wide sidedecks, as well as the aft deck, provide easy and safe walking all around this cat.

Bridgedeck is gullwing-shaped which brings additional comfort when sailing on the waves. Almost all mentioned above brings improved comfort and elegance, which was, in fact, the point of redesigning the previous model. I think it completely fulfilled its purpose.

Lagoon 421 is available in 3 or 4 cabin versions, depending on the owner’s demands and sailing schedule. Still, since it is a rather small yacht, I would recommend as a charter option for smaller groups so the comfort and elegance can get their full gloss.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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