Stomorska – The Return to Innocence

I cannot find proper words for the beauty of Stomorska, so I have borrowed the slogan used for the island of Šolta in the Croatian Adriatic. Stomorska is a small village on the northern shore of the southeastern part of Šolta island. The village is not far from Split Gate, a strait that separates Šolta and Brač islands.


The village is located in a deep, but calm and sheltered bay. Throughout history, the bay was probably used as a port by the residents of Gornje Selo, a village in Stomorska’s hinterland. Unlike today, the life went on far from the shore due to a danger of pirates. When pirates stopped being a threat, the life moved towards the sea and the inhabitants embraced tourism. Tourism is not as intense as is in other destinations in Stomorska’s vicinity. There is enough space to accommodate around 30 yachts on the pier in the port. There is electric power and fresh water connectors, and the depths vary from 1.5 m to 4.7 m.

The neighboring Milna on Brač island with its two marinas and Maslinica in the western part of Šolta attract luxurious yachts, so Stomorska is very calm and easy going in comparison. The village shows its busy face when day-trip shuttle boats occupy the port, but this is not the case every day. If you arrive to Stomorska earlier in the afternoon, you can spend the rest of the day at one of the pebble beaches just a few steps away from the village. You can spend the evening by walking the promenade by the sea and deciding in which tavern to drink an aperitif and where to have a dinner. Most of the restaurants offer products grown at home.


Those who would like to know the island better can take a short trip to one of the family farms around the village, where traditional lifestyle is still preserved and presented to you with delicious traditional meals.

Nightlife in Stomorska does not include ecstatic dancing in a cocktail bar. Instead, you can spend calm evenings drinking on the terraces of cafes, socializing with other yachtsmen or swimming under the starry sky. A wish that you make when you spot a shooting star in Stomorska will come true for sure! If you would like to sail around the Šolta, find more details with Sailing Europe Charter located on Šolta island!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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