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LED Strip Lights – Technology for Romance and Glamour

What could be more romantic than a pleasant night in the cockpit of your yacht? Well, there are probably some more romantic situations, but this one holds a pretty high position on the top of the list. A pleasant night calls for some discreet lighting from time to time. I tried so many improvisations before yacht designers came up with the idea to install a 12 V plug and finally build in a cockpit light. At first, I used to tie a hand torch to the bimini construction. It proved as a good solution, but was deadly for batteries.

Perhaps not the most romantic solution at first glance, LED lights considerably solve this problem. The engineers have improved this efficient lighting technology, so there are flexible LED strip lights available. Some of those strips are waterproof and they can help you in the cockpit. What is more, if you attach them along the stern, your yacht will get a glamorous look at night. The strips are very easy to attach and do not waste much power. The intensity of light and color change can be operated by remote control. You are sure guaranteed to spend a romantic night under LED lights!The trouble with the 12 V plug is that the lamp that is supposed to be plugged in is usually a reflector for night observation of the surrounding area, which is way too strong for creating an intimate atmosphere. Likewise, different options with candles usually end up with hours of repairing teak fittings because molten wax never seems to stay in a candle holder or any improvised coaster. Also, the night breeze ruins most of attempts to make an evening more romantic.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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