Lošinj – The Award Winning Island of Vitality

When asked for a sailing route in the North Adriatic by the rookie fellow skipper, I simply replied to steer his charter yacht towards Lošinj island and cruise around it for a week. At first, he thought I was joking but I convinced him that his customers would not nag if he did so. And I’ll tell you why.

First of all, Lošinj is in the one-day range of all charter bases and marinas at the North Adriatic while there are enough well organized nautical facilities on the island. Secondly, as Lošinj is connected to the neighboring island Cres by a bridge, cruising around Lošinj would include Cres as well.

Both islands offer all one could wish for in a relaxing and tranquil sailing holidays: plenty of hidden and remote virgin coves and bays, pebbly and rocky beaches, crystal clear turquoise water all over the place, safe anchorages and well-organized marinas. Local authorities, tourist experts and enthusiasts well cooperated with Croatian Institute of Tourism and have established the Program of Sustainable Development of Lošinj island which has positioned it as the island of vitality.

Photo: TZ Lošinj – Hrvoje Serdar

Environment protection, sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity are in the focus of the program as well as the image of Lošinj as the island of scents and tastes. Following the guidelines of the program, numerous initiatives for development of aromatherapy centers, organic cosmetics production, health and healing tourism programs, underwater and coastline life protection actions were supported by local and governmental institutions.

The building of a brand new eco-marina is in the plan of nautical tourism development up to 2020 as well as the extension of Lošinj airport. Such initiative and commitment were recognized by SKAL, the International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals which awarded Lošinj for its efforts in the sustainable development of tourism.

This award will for sure give Lošinj extra energy to reach their goals stated in development plans and make it an even more desirable place to visit either in summer or in winter. I see no reason to avoid Lošinj on North Adriatic routes ever again because regardless of a number of your visits to this divine island, it always gives you something new!

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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