Make Your Sailing Trip More Comfortable

One of things that yachting people are always lacking is space. Regardless of the size of your yacht, there is always missing just a little bit of space here and there. But, with a good planning that small issue could be solved.

  • Think twice before you decide what to take on your sailing trip. Don’t just remove your entire wardrobe to the yacht but do it strategically. In a first place, consider that most of the time spent onboard you will be unofficial so there is no need for dress code. In another words, dress code is very casual which means bathing suits almost all day long. In another hand, places yachting people are visiting are mostly sailing clubs, restaurants and bars where it is usual to wear casual. It is always good to have some windproof clothes as well as extra pair of shoes and socks but that also does not take too much space in your luggage. Therefore, the first step in making your yacht bigger is to consider what you would take on your trip.
  • Next step is the choice of the luggage – avoid big and heavy suitcases, especially hard ones. You will save much space if your luggage is not robust an massive.
  • After embarkation try to take your stuff in boat’s trunks and storages in order, always knowing where to find what you were looking for. That way you will avoid mess onboard which helps you save space.
  • In case that you travel from far away of your sailing base and you continue your journey after sailing trip it is recommended to leave redundant stuff at charter base. There is always some place where your yacht charterer can keep it for you.
  • Since space is very crucial onboard, also consider the rubbish. Pet bottles are to be smashed which reduces their volume up to 80%, while the same should be done with cardboard boxes and all other packaging. That way you will save not only space onboard but also the number of rubbish sacks, which also prevents pollution in case that they are not made of recyclable materials such as nylon.
  • Last but not least, when packing for your trip try to think on those things that you would not survive without and your charter yacht will become bigger for sure.
  • I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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