Maslinica – A Fishing Village Turned into a Sailors’ Paradise

The official history of this place begins at the end of the 17th century, when three brothers, Ivan Petar, Juraj and Ivan, the members of the noble family Marchi, requested the Venetian governor to allow them to build a fortress, a church and a village on the west coast of the island of Šolta. After the completion of the Church of St. Nicholas, the fishing village developed around the bay where the Marchi castle was later built.

Many centuries later, Maslinica turned into a sailors’ paradise after the castle was turned into a luxury hotel, while the port was rebuilt and constructed as a marina for sailing and luxury yachts. Marina is now equipped with a decent berth for around 50 yachts, providing visitors with showers, electric plugs and fresh water. Within the marina, there is an amphitheater made from stone, where the spectacular view of the sunset amazes visitors. The cheerful and funny mariner Alen is here to welcome sailors with his assistance and to provide them with the latest news about Maslinica in several languages. Supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables are available in the very center of Maslinica, just a few steps away from the marina.

Small islands opposite the village provide a nice anchorage for those who want to have some privacy and enjoy a swim in the clear waters until the evening. Šešula bay, next to Maslinica, is equipped with buoys, while there is a safe anchorage deeper in the bay that is protected from all the winds. Šešula bay is isolated from the center of the village, but there is a beach night bar called “Šišmiš”, a great destination for those who want to party.

Maslinica is a logical stop for sailors who are heading from Split, Trogir or Kaštela to other islands in Central Dalmatia. We recommend chartering a yacht in Split or in the small charter base Rogač on the island of šolta.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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