Off Your Yacht and into the Clubs of Ibiza

There is one club you can sail to and moor in font of it. Give it a try and come back to tell us – visit Blue Marlin Ibiza!

Blue Marlin Ibiza is a popular night club on the southern coast of Ibiza, at Cala Jondal. Its clientele includes among others international celebrities, sheiks and magnates, so you never know who you might bump into while you are getting jiggy with it. Many of its guests come on charter yachts and moor in front of the club. There is a boat which takes you from your yacht to a small pier just a few steps away from the BMI. The club is open from the beginning of April to the middle of October and features international DJs and Ibizan residents for the maximum of fun.

The Blue Marlin brand also includes a restaurant, the Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina, which is located in the heart of Marina Ibiza. You can find a berth there and explore not only the restaurant, but other Ibiza’s night clubs, such as e.g. Keeper.

Keeper has been on the island’s party scene since 1987 and has managed to retain its own charm, as it supports local music and has a loyal clientele, mostly residents of the island. If you want to meet them, Keeper is the place to go.

Other clubs in the vicinity include the famous Pacha, which was opened in 1973 and has since then been Ibiza’s flagship club. It is a luxurious club with different types of music in every room of it: Sweet with Spanish music, Global Room with a lounge feel to it, the Main Room with a large dance floor, the Funky Room and the terrace. Or you can try out Lio, club, cabaret and restaurant all in one.

There are, of course, many other clubs that make up Ibiza’s party scene, so the best thing to do is just charter a yacht in Ibiza and experience it on your own.

The fun never stops!

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