Polignano a Mare – Steep Cliffs and White Sand Beaches

Polignano a Mare lies just 30 km south from Bari, in the province of Apulia on the south Italian Adriatic coast. This place refers to one of favorite Italian summer destinations on the Adriatic coast. People from all over the world are amazed by its beautiful nature and environment in the first place. Crystal clear Adriatic waters awash steep cliffs on top of which monumental watchtowers, walls, buildings and churches have erected throughout the history, creating an astonishing sea-view. That’s not all! Between monumental steep cliffs’ slopes one can find unexpectedly nice and colorful beaches where the young and old tend to spend the entire summer. [caption id="attachment_5493" align="alignnone" width="1636"] Polignano a Mare[/caption] Some beaches and rocks are hiding partly submerged sea caves so those of you who love to explore would have a lot to do in Polignano a Mare. Those who prefer culture and history would be enchanted by interesting architecture and building heritage which hide traces of different cultures since these areas were ruled by Arabs, Byzantines, Normans and Spaniards. Since the entire area of Polignano a Mare is characterized by many small inlets and caves, a seascape of the town is highly recommended by renting a yacht or a small boat and taking a scuba or snorkeling trip. The nightlife is also partly organized in many beach bars so one can literally live on the beach 24/7. Sailing and yachting enthusiasts would be interested in this summer’s recent news. It is about the opening of the Cala Ponte marina located not far from the town, towards San Vito. This marina is an interesting starting point to those yachtsmen who plan their trips towards Croatia or Montenegro, Albania and Greece; or just seek for a place to rest during their Adriatic peregrination. [caption id="attachment_5494" align="alignnone" width="1620"] Polignano a Mare[/caption] The marina is equipped with 318 berths in the sea, capable of accommodating vessels from 5 to 25 m of LOA. The entire marina is very well incorporated in the surrounding scenery, providing a very relaxed and pleasant stay. In order to extend their services and make the stay more comfortable, the managers of the marina decided to incorporate a luxury hotel with swimming pools and wellness center as well as tennis courts and shopping mall. [yb description="Charter a yacht in Italy and discover the beautiful beaches of Polignano a Mare!" button="Charter now" link="https://www.cruiseitalyyachts.com/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=blog_internal_link"] Next, the final step in marina building refers to the completion of the large service area where all possible refit and maintenance services would be provided, making Cala Ponte an exclusive marina resort. I do not doubt in the success of this project since the marina is managed by renowned Camper & Nicholson Marinas Company. In addition, good traffic connections by car, railway and airway increase the chances for Cala Ponte to become the inevitable destination for many yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts traveling the south Adriatic. I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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