Protect Your Devices with Waterproof Bags and Cases

I have heard so many times that people lost their mobile telephones overboard. In many cases phones were in their pockets but tough guys were too proud to confess their ‘left-handedness’…

The damage was usually multiple – they have lost all their phone numbers and data while the devices were useless. Firstly, it is very useful to save your data on backup memory on your PC or through one of backup applications. Secondly, you should work on your stability when onboard but some more mobile telephone could suffer until you enhance your skills…

However, there is help for your phones and other electronic devices. There is a wide range of super-sturdy waterproof bags and cases available to protect your gear form water, sand, dirt, dust etc.
OverBoard Company offers a wide range of waterproof cases for devices such as mobile telephones, tablet computers, cameras, e-readers… Especially useful and popular are their multipurpose waist-packs, belt-packs and arm-packs.

OverBoard dry bags, pouches and backpacks found their purpose not only when sailing but also doing other adventure sports such as kayaking, rafting, cycling, mountain biking, trekking or just camping.

Their products are available at specialized stores or through very well organized online store, for reasonable prices.

I have very good experience with their products, but with one remark. Since all those products are waterproof and very well sealed, it is recommendable to open the case or bag from time to time and dry the interior because there is always a possibility of condensation which could be harmful for your devices.

I have mentioned OverBoard because I am very satisfied with their products but I’m pretty sure that they are not the only manufacturer of waterproof cases on the market. Improve your stability onboard but work it out with your gadgets protected!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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