Ramova – a Marina Below a Mountain

The marina Ramova is situated in the small village of Krvavica on the Makarska Riviera. The Riviera is a popular tourist destination, but is not held in very high regard by yachtsmen, mostly because there are not many sheltered bays and natural ports. The marina is a good shelter from bura that blows from the Biokovo mountain that towers above the area and lies close to more popular Croatian sailing destinations.


However, one tiny marina has found its home in this area, in the village of Krvavica, between the larger Baška Voda and Makarska. The marina is known as the Nautic Center Ramova, and some charter companies use it as a starting base. The marina offers safe moorings for around 100 vessels, both to those in transit and those who are kept there permanently. There is a 20 t capacity crane, along with a yacht maintenance workshop. The marina is surrounded by beautiful pebbly beaches, while a neighboring hotel resort offers a decent accommodation. You can visit the marina if you charter a yacht in Croatia!

Baška Voda

Although the marina Ramova is not one of the more popular marinas in the Adriatic, it can offer a good shelter for your traverses. As stated before, gusts of the unpleasant bura are pretty common in this area, especially in winter, while the southeastern wind jugo (sirocco) crashes into the sea, bringing huge waves when strong.

The marina Ramova has saved a lot of nerves to exhausted sailors out of season because it is located close to the center of the Croatian coast and makes a perfect “pit stop” during heavy weather. Afterwards, sailors can continue their sailing trip to popular destinations on the Croatian coast, for example, Dubrovnik to the south, as well as the islands such as Brač, Hvar, Vis and Šolta. If you have to spend more time in the marina, but you want to experience a more dynamic atmosphere, you can visit the neighboring Baška Voda, whose port gets pretty busy during the summer. On the other hand, in the busy tourist town of Makarska, fun is guaranteed, so make sure you travel there too!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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