Rava – A Small But Remarkable Sailing Destination of Zadar Archipelago

Administratively, this small pearl belongs to the City of Zadar, but is actually an independent and a very adorable piece of land between the bigger islands in the area. Despite the island's small size, there are two settlements, Vela Rava and Mala Rava (Great and Small Rava), but there are no more than some 90 inhabitants on the entire island, which is connected to Zadar by a ferry line. In fact, most inhabitants are people who at some point left Rava and are coming back only in summer, either for holidays or to work in tourism. The prevailing winds in this area are bura (north-eastern wind), jugo (south-eastern wind) and maestral (west-northwest wind), but most bays are well protected against them. In most of those bays, there are buoys that are moored, and there is a small berth in Vela Rava, next to the ferry port. Thanks to its well-indented coastline which is almost 16 km long, there are numerous bays, coves and beaches on Rava, which are worth visiting for their untouched beauty and peaceful environment. You can find a few fine small family restaurants in all bays with moored buoys. Fresh seafood and local wines are all you can get there, but what else could you want in such surroundings? Fresh fruits, vegetables, wine, figs, and fish for your supplies can be purchased in a store or from the locals at Vela Rava. As seen above, there are many reasons for visiting Rava, a peaceful pearl surrounded by bigger islands. If you are in a hurry to catch your place at some fancier sailing destination, I recommend you to charter a yacht in Zadar and stop here at least for an afternoon lunch and swim break. You will not regret it for sure! I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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