Restaurant Marijana, Trogir – The Best Restaurants Often Are Not Advertised

The most experienced travelers would agree that the best places to eat at the Adriatic are not the closest to the marina and are not usually in the first row to the promenade or a waterfront. In the most of the cases that is absolutely true, but there are always exceptions from the rule.

However, Restaurant Marijana in Trogir is one of those restaurants which are not visible at the first sight. It found its place in a cheerful terrace behind the wall of a small alley heading west from the center square in front of Trogir cathedral. On the first sight it does not look any different from dozens of other commercial and simple restaurants, each other offering the same tourist menu without any signs of local cuisine. But first impression is this time totally opposite from what you get when you decide to give yourself a reward for another day at sea.

The highlight of this restaurant is its grill offer which includes both fish and meat tidbits. It is difficult to recommend the type of fish because the selection differs from day to day, depending on the luck their fishermen had at sea.

Scampi buzzara changes the opinion of restaurant food, waking memories on grandmother’s kitchen. If you want to take a rest from seafood and want to surprise your stomach with a nice piece of meat than beefsteak in green pepper sauce would definitely be the champion of the night.

Not to forget, exceptionally cheerful staff will help you with your choice if you are not completely certain what to choose, while wine list is created with care. Visit Trogir and Split area on your yacht charter sailing trip and find Marijana waiting for you within historical city walls.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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