Kiwi Grip Keeps You Aboard

It is not another joke about New Zealanders but a useful deck coating for any kind of sailing yacht. So let’s face the facts. I’m sure that everyone who reads this text remembers small or more serious accidents caused by slippery deck surface or lack of concentration. It often ended with few bruises and lots of laughter from the rest of the annoying crew. Worse scenarios included wrist and chin injuries when landed after deck glissade. The worst scenario could result in twisted ankle, broken hand, elbow(s) and/or ribs. Even falling overboard is possible if moving on the deck unadvisedly.

First step in prevention of such unpleasant events would be focus on where you put your feet when moving on the deck, then carefully choosing your deck shoes; and finally the deck coating.

KiwiGrip is a revolutionary, durable and non-skid coating which makes old yachts new. It is applicable on wood, glass and plastic, epoxy, concrete or metal. It is easy to apply even on top of other non-skid surfaces. All you need to coat your deck and prevent the accidents is a can of Kiwi Grip, paint brush and/or notched trowel or spreader, a masking tape, and a special 3 inch KiwiGrip Loopy-goopy roller.

Its consistency is yogurt-like thick liquid and its texture on the surface can be adjusted from fine to aggressive, depending on the application technique and the thickness of the layer. It does not contain sand, rubber scraps or balls, it is absolutely non-toxic and reflection-free product. KiwiGrip is manufactured by Non Skid Deck Systems by Pachena, LLC from Seattle, USA and distributed worldwide through local dealers and distributors.

The use of KiwiGrip will for sure make the life of sporting sailors a lot easier while leisure sailors who like to use the deck mostly for sunbathing will not be so amazed. However, a towel or thin deck-cushion would be enough to protect any swimsuit (if worn…).

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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