Safe Berth and a Meal to Remember – Konoba Nine, Pomena

Pomena, a little village located on the NW end of the island Mljet is interesting and adored among sailors for many things. Firstly, it is a deep cove, surrounded by four islets which allow Pomena to provide safe berths and anchorages to yachtsmen. Secondly, there is a footpath to the inner lakes of Mljet, which is a natural park well known and adored among numerous tourists and nature lovers. Thirdly, Pomena is a place where the offer of fresh seafood and good wine never failed.

I would recommend to you Konoba Nine, or tavern at Nine’s if you want to translate it. This tavern, or konoba as we call it here, is the second in the line of similar establishments if you look the waterfront from the W, or from the only hotel in Pomena. All konoba’s in the line offer safe moorings along with comfortable terraces where Dalmatian seafood delicacies are served at their best.

So why is Konoba Nine different from others in the line? I’ll tell you why. Nine is a young owner of this establishment and he gives the added value to his offer. First of all, he is very cheerful and does not miss a chance to joke around with his guests. He combines his hobby and passion of his life with his business. That is especially displayed when he shows you the offer of the day – every fish (of considerable size) has a special mark on its sides. It is usually the hole of Nine’s underwater gun. Yes, Nine is the passionate free-diver who catches all the fish that is served in his konoba. Even lobsters that wait for their time in the natural seawater container in front of his konoba are caught by Nine himself.

Furthermore, almost every konoba in the line is equipped with a large LCD screen where guests can watch football matches or other ‘second most important things in the life’. So is Nine’s konoba, but with one difference. Nine has attached an underwater camera to his ‘fishing tool’ so you can actually see how your dinner was caught! For those who could be disturbed by the sights of the underwater hunt, Nine prepared breathtaking videos of vibrant and colorful underwater world from the areas nearby Pomena – all taken while free diving, no scuba gear.

That’s what makes Konoba Nine different from all others. I do not have to mention that fish served at Nine’s is absolutely fresh and marvelous by its simplicity of preparation, while the experience of having something really genuine and domestic is supported by handmade bread by Nine’s mother and homemade wine made by his relatives.

My last visit to Nine’s was blessed by the finest tuna steaks I have ever had. I had the opportunity to have them thanks to fishermen’s luck and virtuosity of Nine and his cousin who got back from ‘night cruise’ with the fishing rod just before I moored my ‘floating home’ in front of Nine’s real home.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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