Safest Caribbean Islands and Ones To Avoid

While the Caribbean Islands are generally a very safe destination, high-profile incidents can quickly leave travelers wondering what lurks beneath its sun-and-fun veneer. British Overseas Territories tend to be the safest among the others. According to research though, the fear of crime in the Caribbean Islands is generally overblown, therefore, we bring you a list of the safest Caribbean Islands.

Safest Caribbean islands and crime rates

Statistics show that violent crime rarely touches the 28 million or so tourists who visit the Caribbean every year. And reports of violence are mainly confined to inner-city areas which see few tourists. Like many vacation destinations, petty street crime does occur. Furthermore, valuables left unattended at Caribbean beaches, in rental cars or in hotel rooms are vulnerable to theft.

Sunset on Barbados

What about hurricanes?

You’d have to have had your head in the sand if you didn’t hear about recent hurricanes affecting the Caribbean. And it’s no secret that the region is prone to rain and storms – but that doesn’t make it unsafe to visit and should not spoil your Caribbean vacation.

Secure your safe Caribbean adventure in time

Bad weather in the Caribbean is typically confined to hurricane season which lasts from June to November. But the risk of storms generally peaks in an even smaller window, roughly from August through October. Statistically speaking, even if you travel at this time of year, the odds are excellent that you’ll enjoy a hurricane-free vacation. But of course, it pays to take precautions and be aware that there are some risks.

Sea view from a spot in British Virgin Islands

Don’t want to chance it? Then consider booking your vacation outside of hurricane season. If you’re happy to travel during hurricane season then you’ll make excellent savings on flights and accommodation, compared with peak periods. Just make sure you get a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you if the weather prevents you from travelling. Also check out the hurricane forecast before travelling.

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Which Caribbean island is the safest?

There is no „safest“ Caribbean island, but research shows that some destinations do have higher crime rates than others. So, which ones are the safest Caribbean islands to visit?


Montserrat volcano view from the sea

Nicknamed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean” both for its terrain and the heritage of its inhabitants, Montserrat is a British territory in the Leeward Islands and it is considered to be the safest island in the Caribbean, with its last recorded murder occurring in 2008.


St.Barts marina

St. Barts is short for Saint Barthélemy. This Francophone island is a French overseas collectivity. Known as a party place for the rich and famous, it is also dubbed safe due to its murder rate of zero.

The British Virgin islands

The British Virgin Island sunset

The British Virgin Islands consist of Tortola, the largest and most inhabited island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Josh Van Dyke, and over 50 smaller islands and cays. The murder rate was last recorded at 2 per 100,000 back in 2006, making it a very safe destination for travellers.

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The Cayman islands

A beach on Cayman Islands
The Cayman islands

Another British Overseas Territory is widely known as a financial haven for wealthy individuals. Therefore, the Cayman Islands are very safe for travellers. The murder rate is fairly low, and around the same as in the United States.


Sailoboats anchored near the coast of Bonaire

This island is a part of the ABC islands and is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Unlike most Caribbean islands, Bonaire is located outside of Hurricane Alley and years go by without a single homicide on the island. However, in May 2017 two murders occurred within 24 hours, to the shock and horror of both travellers and locals alike.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

A sovereign state in the Americas and British Commonwealth, Antigua and Barbuda is nicknamed the “Land of 365 Beaches” and maintains a​ very low crime rate.


Martinique sunset from the beach

This overseas region of France is located in the Lesser Antilles. While Martinique has the highest murder rate of the islands on this list, the rate was still low at just 17, recorded in 2009.

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Beachside and palm trees on Barbados

Considered one of the safest Caribbean islands for families, Barbados is an independent British Commonwealth nation. Each year this island welcomes around 1 million visitors. The tourism industry is a huge part of the island’s economy. Moreover, the locals are said to be some of the friendliest in the entire Caribbean.

Barbados is generally a safe place to travel but there are certain things to be aware of. It’s illegal to wear any kind of camouflaged clothing in Barbados, for example – and they take this rule very seriously.


Anguilla seaside

Like many of its neighbouring islands, Anguilla has experienced a growth spurt over the past few decades as evidenced by the rise of swanky hotels and upscale villa resorts. While this British Overseas Territory relies on its luxury tourism (the rich and famous frequently travel to Anguilla), it hasn’t lost any of its laid-back charm and iconic Caribbean beaches. Crime rates in Anguilla are some of the lowest in the Caribbean, but you should take standard precautions nevertheless.

The Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos seaside

The Turks and Caicos

Some of the safest Caribbean islands for families due to their soft sandy beaches. What’s more, the Turks and Caicos are surrounded by gentle seas and have warm year-round temperatures. The region’s rainfall level is low compared to some of its counterparts, and hurricanes are few and far between. This British Overseas Territory is comprised of 40 islands and cays – only a handful of which are inhabited by 30,000 local residents. This number is a stark contrast to the half a million tourists who arrive by plane each year.

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The most dangerous Caribbean islands

On the basis of crime rates, some of the least safe Caribbean Islands to visit include Puerto Rico, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago. As we noted though, most crime in the Caribbean is an internal problem and is linked to inner-city areas well away from tourist resorts. In short, if you’re heading out from your resort, make sure you do your research and stay away from bad neighbourhoods.

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  1. The Domican Republic is one of the safest islands too, it has to be as so many Americans and Canadians go there. It’s very beautiful with lovely beaches and friendly people, it’s a former Spanish colony and has a Spanish feel to it. The weather is normally a steady 29 to 32 degrees and they do experience some tropical storms occasionally. I love it there. I stayed in an all inclusive Resort which was beautifully maintained and I felt very well looked after. Very unlike its neighbour on the same island, Haiti, which you wouldn’t want to go in holiday in.

      1. The DR is not safe. They killed more than ten tourists last year with poison alcoholic beverages. They’re just hiding the murder rate.

        1. It’s funny I’ve been to the Dominican Republic 4 times and I absolutely love it there to the point I wanted to buy an apt ,however on my 4th visit I believe I was poisoned by the sever wit alcohol,she was bringing a lot of shots which wasn’t cheap it was 4 ppl I’m my party and I told her no more while the others ordered and she brought 4 more shot and when I drink mine 10 minutes after I didn’t feel well and I told them I’m going upstairs and never made it back the next day i ended up in the emergency room,I vomited like a dog,I poo my pants all knight without knowing it,I thought I was gonna die,it was very frightening for me I pass out at the emergency room,it was bad. I heard the servers have the poison and the pour it in ur drink.

          1. Unfortunately, ghb can be found anywhere. Even my po-dunk town in Nebraska. It’s usually not the “resort”, “bar,” or “restaurants fault directly, it’s up to the bartenders or even other guests. I too was sick but while in the ER…they did a hair sample. Linked it back to the bartender. She had it out for me ig.🤷‍♀️

        2. Vladimir Cortzshava

          That’s absolute horse menure and you know it there’s actually been alochol poisoning found in multiple islands including some considered super safe like the Bahamas just recently three deaths are they unsafe? Of course not please do not speak so low of a country based off your xenophobia it’s sickening and untrue

          1. You’re a total r-tard and you know it. They are talking about CRIME moron, and we all know who commits the most crime when not given tight guidance from their genetic superiors.

          2. Oh just stop with the “xenophobia” crap. The entire planet is getting sick of race-baiting nonsense.

        3. You are correct. I was in the DR in 2019 and got VERY sick. I believe it was poison in the alcohol. I was bedridden was most of my vacation. The on-site doctor wanted to bring me to the hospital. My wife said NO WAY. We know what happens when you go to a hospital in the DR. They tell your family to pay tens of thousands of dollars to ‘save you”. Then you end up dying anyway.

          1. Yrs ago went on a cruise which stopped in Jamaica. Only a few excursions available. The bus to a shop only was not worth it bc couldn’t go anywhere in the shopping ctr but 1 shop. The bus driver stood in front of me to keep me from moving any further.

        4. I went there once from a cruise and jumped in a cab and told the guy we wanted to see good parts of the DR. He brought us shopping, to an old church with some cool history and a private beach. He stopped vehicles with his whistle, negotiated for us while shopping and kept a very close eye on our bag while me and the wife swam at the beach. We had so much fun that we offered to buy him lunch in which he refused saying that if we ate then he got to eat. That was his deal with the place for bringing us. This was the absolute best time we had on the 7 day cruise. We felt very protected.

      2. The DR is most definitely not a safe place to visit. Even the all-inclusive resorts you have to watch your back. My fiancé was born and raised in the DR and whenever we go we stay only in the resort area as he says it is unsafe to venture on your own even with him knowing the island. And he says there is a lot of police corruption so don’t think you’re safe if you reach out to them for anything.

      3. You’re wrong, the DR is a fucking shithole filled with stupid racist cockroaches. If the USA needed a new nuke test sight this fucktard’s cesspool of ignorant monkey fucking cum guzzling nearsighted inbred twat faces fits the bill. If I had 3 nukes and had to kill Putin, Trump and the DR. I’d nuke the DR 3 times to make sure their seed is wiped from the earth like shit stained diaper thrown into the fire of ethnic cleansing.

        1. Wow, thank you That was great!! I always do my research and read reviews. I will definitely never go to that shit hole! That was the funniest review I’ve ever read. Giggle Giggle!!!

    1. Are you sure? i have yet to hear any crimes against tourism in Haiti like i have about DR; and i have been to both. Haiti have their internal issues among locals. Just like any other caribbean islands you need to be mindful of how you go about in the streets, or simply stay in the resorts as they provide plenty to keep you entertained. DR have crimes inside the resorts so you cannot say that it’s one of the safest place to be. I do think all islands deserve a fair chance, just be careful and be mindful of your surroundings.

      1. Thank you…. Well said….
        I’m from Trinidad and Tobago any time you’re down here give me a call I’ll be ur personal tour guide free of charge 18684959225 it’s not really that bad…. Im from sangre grande

        1. PSA:
          Every island has its fault and yes some are more dangerous than the other but to say DR is much safer than Haiti, lol. Be cautious wherever you go.

          1. I have been traveling to DR since 1995 (in fact I’m flying back next week). The people are the friendliest you will ever meet.
            With that being said, I’m not like these tourists that want to walk around to get a “feel” for the country.
            Uh uh. Not me. I will travel with my in country colleagues or the hotel’s taxi fleet. Don’t just get into any old taxi.
            It may be that I’m being overly precautious but I’ve always been safe that way.
            Enjoy the ice cold, frosty Presidente beers tnere!

          2. Are any of these Islands good to consider Retiring on? I’m in the USA and my wife is in the Philippines

          1. I see so much fear in you all snd it’s comical. get out AND LIVE!! There’s hood and bad everywhere you go. I was told stay in resort do t go up in the mountains if Jamaica… I got off the plane in a car and up the mountains and then to my resort. Then went for some off-road fun in the mountains. Spoke to villagers, walked along their streets and dealt st home while others were scared. Real knows real and if you get tested act accordingly… south Florida seems to be the most danger place I’ve been 🤣🤣🤣

      2. Why are we saying Haiti’s fight is internal; its never been. Divide and conquer is everywhere. They kicked Napoleon’s butt back to France and saved DR from the Spanish (some thank you they are getting now). France and it’s allies won’t lent them forget this and has been destabilizing them ever since, the leaders are picked by them and if those leaders try to help their people they, are labeled as thugs and murderers in the western media and subsequently overthrown via coup or assassination; remember Jean-Bertrand Aristide?

        1. Achem, bullshyt. Yes, Haiti has done some positive things historically to thwart the French and others who tried to subdue them, however, Haiti is corrupt beyond measure, holding up a man like Jean-Bertrand Aristide as your example just shows how out of touch with any semblance of morality there is left within your country. I’ve lived in Haiti, I knew many of its ex-immoral presidents, defense ministers and high level officials and I can say this with absolute conviction they ARE thugs and murderers and Haiti is the MOST evil place I’ve been to and I’ve been to 113 countries, even places like Kazakhstan and Iraq during the war.

          1. I visited and lived in other countries also. You are incorrect. I am Haitian and yes Haiti has corruption like any other country: USA, Spain, Portugal, Greece Italy and etc. To Single out Haiti like that it’s plain discriminatory and wrong. Maybe you are part of the corruption in Haiti.

        2. I remember him and his goons beating, putting tires over, and burning opposition with gas. Is that the guy you are putting forth as a good leader?

      3. Sorry don’t agree been in the DR for 26 years and never had a problem.
        yes, there is crime on this Island but Haiti I would not set one foot in.
        I know many French Canadians that lived there and Ran away and moved to the DR. Most Homicides are not recorded as a village killing is not known. It is getting better the problem is the poor will do anything to get money to feed families which is to be expected? after the earthquake, it naturally got much worse. I know many Haitians in the DR and 90 % are great people and unbeatable Hard workers, they don’t even want to go back to there own country.

        Just my two cents worth…

        1. if you go by the mainstream media that has agenda to destroy Haiti. Feel free to continue the negative narrative about Haiti. True, Haiti is a poor country. But there are some great places in Haiti that you can visit and you will not have any issues. If you to Port-Au-Prince, good luck. But, Haiti is not just Port-Au-Prince.

    2. The DR is amazing! Me and my husband are here at this very moment…incredibly safe…I would never recommend going to Haiti…NEVER. Very very dangerous.

      1. Sorry to disappoint. My parents are both from Haiti and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I and my cousin went there for the very first time on our own to celebrate my 50th birthday. I had the pleasure to volunteer and a guest lecture at an Occupational Therapy school in Leogane (to give back and celebrate my 25 years practicing OT). We visited Port -au-Prince, then drove to Leogane, flew to Cape Haiti then went to Jacmel. OMG. The experience was everything! The people, food, music, culture, history. Yes, we had a driver who was also our tour guide. We used an Travel & Tourist agency based in Haiti (Voyage Lumiere). They were well organized and professional. We used common sense and did not go out without guidance. In the U.S., you can get shot just for being black. or mass shootings. Haiti is a beautiful country. The history is powerful and because of that history, Haiti is still being punished. Once upon a time, Haiti was the richest island and made France very wealthy. Haiti was raped and stripped of many of it’s natural resources. Now, they call it a shit hole country. When you don’t learn the history, it just makes you very unaware and blind to facts. Every have their own experience and perception. My experience was 100% real and exciting.

        1. Very well stated, we must be very aware of who writes history and the bias that goes along with it. While Haiti is labeled negatively those very same outsiders are down there making a living and enjoying its benefits. Meanwhile those that listen to the negatives are robbed of its beauty… other words, don’t believe the hype and know who is speaking in order to gain true insight. Dangerous to one is not dangerous to all…let those who think that stay away….

        2. In the U.S, “you can get shot just for being black.”

          Of course, 99 percent of the black people shot in the United States are shot by other black people. They shoot a lot of white people, too, but that’s almost beside the point.

          In 2019, 7484 black people died by homicide. They overwhelmingly died at the hands of other black people.

          The Washington Post reports that EIGHT unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019.

          Yeah, in America you can get shot “just for being black.”

          1. I hear this racist argument a lot: “Black people are mostly killed by other Black people.” The reason it’s racist is because it always seems to zero in on Black people as if they, monolithically, are responsible for the majority of violence, which is demonstrable as untrue as the 99% figure you clearly made up because…racism.
            A more accurate way to say it would be that (2019) most Black people who are killed are done so by other Black people in the US (89%) and most white people who are killed are killed by white people (84%). These are the real numbers if we’re just talking about Black people and white people in the US. Far and away in an absolute sense, white people commit most of the crime. In other words, we can make a data-supported argument that white people are very dangerous. Is it their upbringing? Family structure? Place in society? Why don’t we ever ask those questions? Because, the US has structural systems in place to make sure that they aren’t asked (see the anti-CRT laws for reference).
            So, please stop making such ignorant and racist comments.

          2. Most white people in America are killed by other white people you kill where you live and you kill who you know

          3. You can get shot for being any color! Not just Black! Native Pride defending terrorism since 1492!!

          4. I heard Shaq, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith having a conversation about black men getting shot. Smith tried his best to get the other two to “buy into the narrative”. Shaq said it best (and its on tv so you can look it up). He said his grandpa taught his dad, that when it came to police officers – listen to what they say, do what they tell you and be respectful. Shaq said his dad taught him the same thing. Neither Shaq nor his dad ever had issues with. the law. Smith tried to press Barkley about being shot at and Barkley replied “yes, but not by a white person”. Its pretty simple – stay out of trouble and stay away from trouble. Men, stop spreading your freaking seed if you can’t stay home and raise them. Take your kids to Church and teach them about God and love and respect. This seems to work for alot of people.

      2. Stupid idiot. Haiti is not dangerous for tourist, crimes towards tourist are very rare here. The most crimes committed in Haiti are due to political unrest. Try Thailand and see if you won’t get beat lol.

      3. It is the most not just unfriendly with nasty people place I ever been but
        the Prostitution is a bid deal local profession looking to take your many in any possible way.
        The bid company as “” is in “ synchronous” with local “ culture” to take your money in any possible way as well
        For God sake just do not go there if you really looking for good time vacation!
        So many beautiful places in Europe to visit!

    3. This is incredibly biased.I just left Haiti and had a fantastic time. Haiti is actually one of safest places for tourists. The people there respect tourists and know that the country needs them. If you’d like to experience a taste of it, head to Decameron or Moulin Sur Mer in Monstrouis.

      I had a wonderful experience despite the fact that I dont speak creole.

      The beaches are beauitful, The people are nice and welcoming. Dont believe the stuff you hear and see on the news. Yes they have their own political, and economic issues but so does the US.

      There were over 2 mass shootings in the states while I was away. Hmm..

      1. I agree 100% Haiti has its up and down like every other country, that doesn’t mean that it has to be ranked ‘dangerous’. The resorts there are super cultural and I learned a lot about their dances and culture in just one day of staying there! It was wonderful!

    4. You couldn’t pay me to go to the Dominican Republic! Everyone is turning up mysteriously sick, beaten or dead. No thanks! Now St. Croux, that’s a nice place!

        1. Bunch of D.R. people are taking pleasure to denigrate Haiti. The issue is they scared and they are ashamed. Each time Haiti tried to move forward some very angry people finance the poor in Haiti to create instability in the country. It just a constant battle Haiti has with USA, Canada, France and D.R.

      1. walterswarld

        “Japan and Switzerland are much more dangerous these days and if a thug cocks a handgun to your head, just give them your money and valuables and you’ll be fine!”

      2. Most white persons killed in the usa are also killed by a white person, it’s commonsense, it’s who you live and work with that kills you.

    5. Haiti is the richest (in terms of history, culture, raw materials etc..) yet underEstimated island in the Western Hemisphere.
      I would rather go there than DR… In recent years, there has been too many unexplained happy hour related death with the neighboring island of Santo Domingo. So go visit Haiti breath taking braches, enjoy the super delicious food, and keep yourself safe by staying away from Dominican Republic.

    6. Dunmore Town, Harbour Island is also one of the most safest places in the world. There has never been a murder on the island. Tragic deaths but never a murder.

    7. you get what you pay for. DR you’re only safe if you done leave your resort. Cheap vacay and that’s it. Tropical prison. No thanks. Spend $1000 more and feel safe.

    8. Not my experience. DR probably has the trickiest and rudest people of central america after Mexico, I think.God only help you if you are american.

    9. Fake News!!! The Dominican Republic has a VERY HIGH Crime Rate and a very serious Drug Dealer problem. I know many Dominicans who left that island for Florida and many more wish to do the same. Nice try though.

    10. Esto es falso podrá haber criminalidad en estos lugares pero suelen ser entre ellos en los barrio marginales por droga y otras cosas pero no atracan turista ni andan robando y son Muy serviciales yo he estado muchas veses me encanta PR y no tengo que quedarme solamente en el aria de turista.En cambio en la republica Dominicana te pueden atracar si te sale del área de turismo para quitarte un telefono vete a YouTube y pon Atraco en República Dominicana para que veas

    11. Margarita olivero

      That a lye 1 of the most safe islands is puerto rico y we are us citizens and we don’t have any problems in tourism walking dwn the avenue you just don’t want visitors visiting the island 🇵🇷 do other places spending $$in these other poor island we don’t need it due to us been American citizens and ppls hate tht we are

    1. But stay away from New Providence and Grand Bahama islands. Travel advisories are warning against these destinations due to a very high crime rate.

      1. Jennifer I beg to differ, Every country has petty crime and murders. Don’t try to damage my country’s reputation to boost visitors for yours. the VERY high crime you described are internally and nothing to do with visitors. Can you provide us a list of countries that has no petty theft, no murders, no robberies? No crime at all? Ooops, am describing HEAVEN (only place where there is no crime).

        1. Agreed. Went to Bahamas in May and felt very safe. Locals were friendly, driving was easy and never did I feel unsafe.

          1. ain’t nothing more dangerous than US., chicago detroit Louisiana etc,, you guys complaining about the caribbean! stop it please

        2. That’s only an opinion. If you really want to compare, then look at the published crime rates. Recent numbers show a crime rate in Bahamas of almost 32 per 100k, in Europe a tourist destination like Spain for example has a crime rate of 0.62 per 100K. The Caribbean is just not a safe place to be without the protected environment of a hotel.

          1. Data is no good in a snapshot. You have to Separate the data and put it in context and categories, so as a tourist your only crime rate concern should be, in that crime statistics, what’s the rate for crimes against a visitor.

    2. This is a late response but we were set up to be mugged by the cab driver going from Atlantis back to our resort. We had to walk miles back in the middle of the night. Never again to Nassau.

  2. Grenada is the most safest out all of these countries grenada has not been in the headlines in the past 5 years for something bad at all.

      1. That is rare in Grenada and was the sad result of a couple going to an isolated area. The man who killed the woman was mentally ill, not a criminal. If you don’t wander around in isolated areas or alone at night, you won’t have any trouble. Grenadians in general are the nicest people anywhere.

      2. That is rare in Grenada and was the sad result of a couple going to an isolated area. The man who killed the woman was mentally ill, not a criminal. If you don’t wander around in isolated areas or alone at night, you won’t have any trouble. Grenadians in general are the nicest people anywhere.

      3. So they had one murder, check how many murders in all the other Islands evry year. Grenada is definitely one of the safest.

  3. Puerto rico is safe I go every summer and nothing bad has ever happened. The people are friendly and there is always someone willing to help. The beaches and big cities are all safe to visit, and

  4. Can anyone comment on the crime rate/safety of St. Croix? I have not been there yet; saw a posting its not safe to walk around at night.

    1. The crime is pretty bad. My friend was kidnapped at gun point and robbed. Then driven to the middle of nowhere and dumped.

    2. Tourist walk around all day in st croix, matter of fact most of the visitors her own homes, if you go to both downtowns most people you see are tourist, they even own most of the properties, and businesses.

  5. We have a second home in St Lucia. We have not had any trouble there. However, I would not consider going into the capital, Castries, nor would I walk the streets of my nearest town Penzance at night. No matter where you go in the world, the rules are easy, just be sensible and take reasonable precautions!

    1. You dreamer in denial! Comparing Penzance with Castries, dear oh dear, your denial is significant. The most pathetic thing anyone can say on these forums is the ”There is crime everywhere”. What a meaningless, so broadly generalised useless statement! You could never ever ever get killed in Brussels, Munich, Brighton, Amsterdam, Cardiff or ANY UK or Eurpoean city for an action camera or a gold chain around your neck or a few Euros, pounds or dollars. In several Caribbean islands, you could very easy be savaged by feral humans for your belongings to be stolen from you. So don’t make dishonest, pathetic snowflake statements comparing Penzance to Castries!

      1. But you will get robbed in Italy just like that. You will not mention that. I know Europe is nice and I visited plenty. But, they are very racist and very rude. Italy is the worst one.

  6. What about St. Barth and St. Martin? We love the French food and the normal driving everyone does on the islands there. Everything in the BVI is so… cut and dry and boring and the food is… horrible. Never ate anything decent in the USVI or BVI unless we cooked it ourselves.
    St. Barth and St. Martin are both way more fun, safer and more beautiful than most Islands I have been to- ever. Like I always say… “St. Barth and St. Martin…Come for the beauty, stay for the food.”

    And I’ll put the safety of St. Barth and St. Martin up against any Island in the World! just fyi

  7. You better control the statistics again about safe islands in the Caribbean. I cant understand that Barbados is still on the list with all the guns and murders going on recently.

  8. walterswarld

    What about health safety. Those ultra high UV radiation index above 10 can’t be good. It won’t kill you in a day, but eventually when you are getting older and weaker and when the human body isn’t able to repair the skin damage anymore.

  9. I’m glad no one mentioned Jamaica because i am just embarrassed of my homeland, because that is one of our main problem, the extensive crimes and the dumb a$$ politicians who wont do anything to stop the guns from coming in the country. I was born in Southern California and was raised in Jamaica since 6 weeks old, so i know what i am talking about and where to go and not to go. We are 57 in every 100,000 homicides. We’re just right below El Salvador which stands at number #1. Jamaica is a great country, don’t get me wrong, it’s just the dumb lazy f%%ks who don’t want to work and rather rob and kill people. However don’t let this comment made you scared from visiting, most of the violence are of retarded drug dealers ad bums. When you take ya vacation to JA, just do me a favor and DON’T LEAVE the resort and if you do leave make sure you’re with someone who is well familiar with where ever you are going. Just few places in Kingston and Montego Bay should be avoided ALL THE TIMES, those are the poverty, drugs infested areas and the idiots there just wakes up everyday ready to rob and kill innocent people. I was raised in the country area of Jamaica, so violence was never relevant or an issue where i live among all my cousins, aunt and uncles. Be safe!!

  10. I’m came to gather insight but all I see is a lot of bickering. I’m going to Hawaii. It may be expensive but the resorts are world class. Also I am black and I hear they natives don’t particularly have an affinity for “colonizers”..don’t shoot messenger.

    1. I was in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Lots of Meth addicts in Wikiki. Lots!! Theywere all over the beaches because the beaches are public. Like all the other comments on here I certainly didn’t feel safe at night.

  11. I wouldn’t consider the Dominican Republic in the category of “safer” destinations unless you never plan to leave your resort. Our trip to the DR 2 years ago was lovely, but there was definitely sketchy activity outside the resort. I would not have felt safe to leave the resort without a tour guide.

    1. I’m a retired American expat who has lived in the DR for 17 years. You are a coward if you travel here and only stay on your resort. You’re only comfortable having Dominicans serve your food and clean your toilets – god forbid you learn Spanish and actually interact with the locals. They are some of the most industrious, kind and passionate people in the world. Shame on you for spreading your own fears and painting an entire culture as “sketchy”. Fuck off and stay away.

    1. Canadian people should not talk bad about Haiti. They are stealing all Haitian intellects and now talking bad about Haiti.
      In 1970’s most Haitians nurses went to Canada.
      In 2000’s Any Haitian who had a bachelor could get a residence in Canada for almost nothing. Please stop.

  12. It is not only place with the most unfriendly and nasty people where I ever been but the prostitution is a great deal profession where they want to take your money in any possible way.
    The big company as “” are with synchronous with the local “ culture “ to take your money in any possible way as well.
    For God sake just DO NOT go there is you want good vacation!
    It so many beautiful place inEurope to visit!

  13. I can’t believe this needs to be said, but if you say a place is safe “as long as you don’t leave the resort”, then it is not safe.

  14. I have boated in the Caribbean with my son from Miami,I have also traveled the world as a foreign correspondent, in my opinion, the Caribbean is an extremely dangerous place, especially if you are a white tourist, friendliness is taken as a weakness by many local crims.
    There is no shortage of hard-core violent types everywhere you venture, they will do whatever it takes to relieve you of your valuables! Also many are in organized gangs
    influenced by the black American hoods rap gangsta culture, if you can call it culture!
    I am usually an optimist but you can compare visiting the Caribbean to venturing into a prison yard in leisure time and HOPE you can make it through okay!

    1. Most of the commentators speaking here have never been to any of these places ,john lizz,cindy,Bob ,paul and many others ,it’s clear as day that these are racist far right bigots who get a kick at talking down and disparaging these places because their by and large countries of of colour ,notice how European countries are given the most endearing light ,it’s all a big con their comments ,it doesn’t fool me. One bit .

    2. I’ve been going to Sint Maarten/St. Martin for 32 years and have never felt afraid. I have never had anything stolen ( though I never leave anything in the car) and I don’t wear my best jewelry, but it feels very safe on this friendly island (I’m there now). Usie normal precautions and common sense like you would anyplace in the US

  15. Most of these comments suffer from the availability heuristic. If you meet someone on a plane, and they say they’re from the Dominican Republic and you remember that you know someone from the Dominican you may find yourself asking “Hey do you know so-and-so?” The likelyhood they know the person you know is 1 in 11 million (the general population of DR). It’s the same when it comes to crime. We hear that ever-so-many people were murdered in a certain country and we assume we are going to be on the hitlist if we go, even though it’s a 1 in however-many-million chance. If your statistics don’t tell you exactly what province, city, suberb all the murders happened in then you have inaccurate and inconsequential information. Thank you to all the wonderful people who defended their homeland and experiences in these places. They are all beautiful in their own unique way and filled with wonderful people. You wanna go somewhere, just go! You are more likely to become a statistic in your car on the drive to the airport.

  16. Canadian people should not talk bad about Haiti. They are stealing all Haitian intellects and now talking bad about Haiti.
    In 1970’s most Haitians nurses went to Canada.
    In 2000’s Any Haitian who had a bachelor could get a residence in Canada for almost nothing. Please stop.

  17. It doesn’t matter what race you are or where you are from or where you live! CRIME IS EVERYWHERE, RACISM IS EVERYWHERE, HATE CRIMES EVERYWHERE! This is just the world we live in! I honestly don’t believe that stereotyping certain places as more dangerous then others is fair or worth the energy because it’s all around us everywhere!

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