Safety First – Spinlock Deckvest

I do not intend to write about safety on board this time, but also do not want to diminish its importance. I would like to emphasize it by introducing one product that attracted my attention when I was browsing sailing gear at the boat show.

It is the Spinlock Deckvests. First of all, I was surprised that Spinlock produces deckware because I was only familiar with their cleats, clutches and above all, jammers. As I learned something new I decided to take a closer look at their offer of deckware and was amazed what I learned about Spinlock Deckvests. In general it is the ultra lightweight life jackets equipped with self inflation and simple side donning systems.

The risk of snagging is reduced by single crotch strap with recessed clip while there is an attachment for kill cord or VHF leash as well as the clipping area for VHF. Additional equipment refers to the attachment for Plyon Light, Spinlock produced extra strong and durable emergency light; and the attachment for deckvest sprayhood, an item which reduces the risk of spray inhalation and/or secondary drowning.

Spinlock Deckvest can easily be converted to manual only firing mode with Manual Conversion Kit, since deckvests are constructed with 170N automatic water activated inflation system. Water, spray or rain running down the jacket will not cause activation of the inflation system because the deckvests use the Halkey Roberts Alpha Auto Inflator which is being activated only if the water is flowing upwards through the inflation unit.

Spinlock deckvests are suitable for all water sports, especially kayaking and sailing and are highly recommended by world famous athletes. Spinlock Deckvests are available in three optionsDeckvest LITE, Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor and Deckvest 5D Hammar, each in several sizes; approved by several international standards.

Even if you are sailing enthusiast and sail chartered sailing yachts, this ultimate product could be useful as your personal on board safety gear packed along with your flip-flaps, sunscreen and towel.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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