Zone out on Zakynthos, a Perfect Place to Take a Break

The first image that comes to mind when you think about Zakynthos is probably the shipwreck beach (Navagio Bay), hidden behind a large cliff and opening to the most amazing colors of water ranging from turquoise to deep blue. But, as you probably might have guessed by now, there is much more to Zakynthos than just that one beach.

Legend has it that Zakynthos, son of the King Dardanos of Troy, came to the island with his men around 1500 BC and the island got its name after him, although it is also known as Zante, Fiore di Levante (flower of the east), paradise on earth, whatever you want to call it.

The great thing for you as a yacht charterer is that many places on Zakynthos are accessible only by boat. Such is the case with the Navagio Beach, although it can get a bit crowded when tourists from large cruise ships swarm in.

Navagio beach, Zakynthos

Some other wonderful places accessible from the waterside include Cape Skinari with numerous small blue caves and Marathonisi in the Laganas Bay which offers a bit of a Caribbean feel to the island. Marathonisi is also the place where the Caretta caretta turtles lay their eggs in the sand and the access to the beach is somewhat restricted in order to preserve the nests.

There are a lot of possibilities for scuba diving and snorkeling and there is much to see in the Zakynthos underwater so you will not be disappointed.

If you decide to hop off your charter yacht and go ashore, visit the town of Zakynthos and its two museums – the New Museum with artwork in Byzantine and post-Byzantine style and the Solomos and Kalvas Museum with skeletons of the two poets (Solomos and Kalvas).
If a longer stay on Zakynthos seems like a good idea, find a berth in the Askos marina on the north of the island or at Port Zakinthos in the southeast part.

A typically Mediterranean climate awaits you there with hot and sunny summers and mild winters and we recommend to charter a yacht in May or October, as the weather is very nice but you will avoid mass tourist sprees.

Chartering a yacht in Lefkas area and sailing to Zakynthos is always a good idea, no matter if your chosen destination is Zakynthos or some other island in the Ionian Sea or if you perhaps decide to sail to the country’s capital.

Have a pleasant sailing journey!

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