Porto Katsiki, Lefkas, Greece

Sail the Lefkada Area

You can get to all parts of the island and visit all the little islets in no time, as well as avoid the crowds on the beaches. Here is our list of top five natural attractions you must not miss when sailing in the Lefkada area:

  • Porto Katsiki, Vassiliki
    Yes, the most impressive thing on Lefkas are its beaches. There are a number of them and they are all beautiful; however, Porto Katsiki is the one you just have to visit. Located beneath a large cliff, it has several small caves that are a sight on their own. But the turquoise water will make you fall in love and come back for more.
  • Nydri Waterfalls
    Even though the waterfalls are a bit inland and you cannot see them from your yacht, they are well worth the walk. How often do you see waterfalls on an island? When you reach them, you’ll be glad, because not only are they amazing, their icy cold water will provide pleasant refreshment.
  • Meganisi
    Meganisi is a small island (although its name means “big island”) south-east of Lefkas. Probably the most prominent attraction of the island is the Papanikolis Cave on its southern side, the base of the Papanikolis submarine in WWII. It is reachable only by boat, so do not miss it. The island itself is worth the visit because of its fjord-like coast.
  • Kastos
    Located east of Lefkada, this islet is a must-see when sailing in the area. The most impressive sight is the Seal Cave (Fokotrypa), which almost looks surreal with its white karst cliff reflecting in the clear emerald water. The island has only one village but many beautiful secluded beaches.
  • Kalamos
    Another small islet next to Lefkas, Kalamos has several amazing beaches accessible only from the sea. Good for you. Pay a visit to Halasma, a niche in the cliff on the southern side of the island, another hideout for the Papanikolis submarine, or enjoy many wonderful beaches.

If you choose Lefkas for your yacht charter vacations and would like to know more about its top destinations, check out our specialized page with advice on chartering a yacht in one of the best charter spots in Greece.

Enjoy your Greek adventure!

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