Italy vs Spain

Where To Sail: Spain or Italy

It’s always hard to choose a sailing destination. Especially when it’s between so beautiful sailing countireto sails. Both have a lot to offer and sailing either one would be unforgettable experience for sure. We hope this text will help you decide in choosing Spain vs Italy.

Spain vs Italy


There are more than 200 yacht charter harbors in Spain that has two major sailing spots. The first is the area of the Balearic Islands with the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca (Majorca), and Menorca. The area more suited for veteran sailors is around the Canary Islands that lie off the western shores of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain vs Italy

Spain makes an attractive yacht charter destination since it has an excellent geographical position, boasts ideal climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, fine cuisine as well as many other attractions. Spain features many beaches, 450 of which have been awarded the Blue Flag.


Italy as a yacht charter destination has its disadvantages: hot weather during peak season, some windless periods, and somewhat expensive moorings. But, on the other hand, Italy redeems itself with its beautiful coast and islands. The Amalfi Coast, Sicily and the Naples area are Italy’s yacht charter hotspots. If you want a dash of glamour, be sure to visit the widely known town of Sanremo.

There is a lot to see in Italy, from famous historical monuments to beautiful scenery. Sailing season in Italy, as in any other Mediterranean country, starts in May and ends in late October. July and August are its peak months.

Spain vs Italy

Sailing around Naples, Procida and the Amalfi Coast gives you a chance to enjoy some beautiful beaches. Also rugged landscapes, and plenty of glamorous nightlife is a big plus. However, mooring costs in the area oftern top the Mediterranean average.

Sardinia’s most interesting spot is Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with its charming beaches and villages. While sailing around Sicily and the Aeolian Islands is recommended for the more experienced sailors. If you decide to sail in Italy and go to the Tuscan Islands, you will experience the lovely Tuscan scenery and some excellent sailing.

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