Sailing around the Island of Pag

There are so many things characteristic to Pag. First of all, throughout history, the island has been connected with the salt production. This history can be witnessed in the museum of salt on the island. The most famous symbol of the island is pramenka, the autochthonous breed of sheep, whose milk gives the extra tasty Pag island sheep cheese. Pag island cheese is famous all around the world. The island is also famous for its production of olive oil. Olive trees more than a thousand years old grow in Lun, the northernmost village on the island. Characteristic for the island is suhozid, dry stone walls built as a natural border between pastures. Pag lace and lacemaking has been included in UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and is the finest souvenir you can find on the island.

Paška čipka (Pag)
Photo: TZ grada Paga

Where is Pag Island In Croatia?

If you want to know where is Pag island in Croatia this chapter is for you. The island is the only one in Croatia that is divided between 2 counties. The nothern part of the island belongs to Ličko-senjska county and the southern to Zadarska county. The island is located between other islands such as Silba, Olib, Lošinj and Rab island.


This island is the fifth largest island in Croatia, and the one with the longest coastline. Pag island bridge connects the southern part of the island to the mainland. The Prizna-Žigljen ferry line connects the northern part of the island and the Croatian coast. The best way, however, to reach the island and explore it, is aboard a chartered yacht. There are two larger towns on the island, Pag and Novalja, and numerous villages, including Lun and Povljana, most of which are easily accessible by boat.

Pag island bridge is one of the oldest in Croatia. Pag island bridge and wind, however, are not that good friends. Because of the strong winds the bridge can often be closed for traffic. It is because it would be too dangerous to drive. And you could find yourself in great danger if you try to cross the bridge during bura wind. That’s why it is best to wait for Pag island bridge wind known as bura to calm down. Bura is also the reason a lot of bridges in Croatia get closed for traffic in some parts of the year.

Pag island bridge wind

Culture On The Island

The island of Pag has rich culture and history. Its sights include the Church of the Assumption of Mary, the Church of St. George, Duke’s Palace, the high stone city walls of Pag Town with the tower of Skrivanat, etc. Places you should definitely visit on your yacht holiday include Caska Bay, next to what is probably the most famous beach in the Adriatic – Zrće, and calmer but beautiful Ručica and Zaglava beaches. You can anchor your yacht in ACI Marina Šimuni, or in any of the numerous bays and coves on the island.

Best Beaches On Pag Island

Pag island has over 100 beaches. So you wouldn’t be in trouble finding the perfect one for you. Some of the best beaches on Pag island, however, are Zrće or Povljana. The other include Šimuni, Mandre, Caska, Stara Novalja, Kolan and Gajac. Our favourite one is Potočnica located in the village Potočnica.


What To Eat On Pag Island

The northernmost point of the island is Tovarnele. There is the famous Bistro Tovarnele, only 20 meters from the sea, where you can try over 60 different specialties, including homemade cheese, fish, seafood and lamb specialties, homemade olive oil, etc. In Novalja, do not miss Konoba Boškinac, another excellent restaurant. If you want to try exotic dishes, visit Mali Raj in Marina Šimuni, where you can order Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian and Spanish food, along with domestic specialties.

There are many miles to go before your next stopover, so make sure to fill the tank of your motor yacht at the gas station in the heart of Novalja. Enjoy your sailing experience on the island of Pag!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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