Sailing To Palagruža, the Remotest Croatian Island

First of all, this adventure requires a bit of courage, as well as skill, in order to make for a safe journey through the open sea of the Adriatic. Palagruža is situated in the heart of the Adriatic, and if you climb the island, you will be able to see both Adriatic coasts.

The island’s archipelago is the remotest Croatian territory, consisting of two larger islands, three smaller ones and 15 rocks around them. The biggest island is Palagruža Vela (Great Palagruža), also known as the “Island of Diomedes”, an ancient Greek hero from the Trojan War. Archaeological artifacts found on the island show that there was a temple dedicated to Diomedes dating back to the 5th century BC.

When approaching Palagruža, it is recommended to announce your approach to the lighthouse keeper using radio channel 16. When you establish communication, he will suggest a working channel and explain how to safely drop the anchor, according to weather conditions. Overnight stay is not recommended due to unstable weather conditions and rocky sea floor on Palagruža’s northern and southern beaches.

When planning a journey to Palagruža, keep in mind that the closest Croatian land is the island of Sušac, 23 NM away. The island of Lastovo and the town of Komiža (Vis Island) are 32 NM and 40 NM away, respectively. Croatia’s biggest town in the Adriatic, Split, is 66 NM away.

Reaching Palagruža during summer months requires even more courage and sailing skills, but the journey can be extremely pleasant if you plan a detailed route and pay attention to the weather forecast. You can also visit other distant islands in the area. To charter a yacht in this region, visit Sailing Croatia Boats!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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  1. The waters of Palagruza are the richest fishing waters in the Adriatic Sea. The tradition of organizing all day regattas from Komiza, a small fishing settlement on the nearby island of Vis, was kept till the twentieth century. The underwaters of Palagruza are ideal for divers. Divers can see many fish that can rarely be found in other parts of the Adriatic ! The island of Galijula, located 3 nautical miles south of Palagruza, has something special for divers in its shallow waters 'Papak' – a steamboat wreck.

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