The island of Sušac, Croatia

The Ultimate Adventure – Sailing Distant Croatian Islands

The island of Sušac is a pearl in the group of Croatian offshore islands that lie in the southern part of the Croatian Adriatic. It is situated between the islands of Vis and Lastovo, and can easily be recognized and reached. There is a shallow bay on its southern coast, where the anchorage is protected from northerly winds. Establishing communication with the lighthouse keeper and providing him with fresh vegetables and latest newspapers can be rewarded with a nice lamb roasted on a spit.

If you decide to sail west from Vis, you will reach the islands of Brusnik and Svetac. Brusnik is a unique island in the Adriatic because it is of volcanic origin. It is possible to drop the anchor on the western side of the island, but be careful with underwater rocks. Bowl-shaped rocks and pebbles will attract your attention, but keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to take them as souvenirs.

Sailing farther towards northwest will take you to Svetac – an exception among these offshore islands, since it is inhabited throughout the whole year. The Zanki family has lived there for generations, growing grapes and fishing in the area.

If you sail farther towards the northwest, you will reach Jabuka. This legendary island will fool your magnetic compass because its rocks contain magnetic materials. There is an endemic species of lizards and some endemic plants. Jabuka is definitely worth paying a visit, but do not try to set your foot there, because it is impossible to anchor around the island. The land is very steep and the waters are extremely deep around the island.

To sail the distant islands in the Adriatic, you have to check weather forecast in advance and plan your route to the tiniest detail. However, after reaching them and returning to your charter base, you will surely receive recognition and respect! Read also about the remotest Croatian island, Palagruža!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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