Sailors’ Superstitions



I am an editorial assistant of the SailingEurope blog. I am a professor and a translator of the Italian and Spanish language. My passion is photography and travelling. I like learning new things and I believe that every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow as a person.

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  1. I just loved your article Lea. I know two superstitions regarding sailors. First one is regarding fishermen. on the island of Zverinac, Croatia, it is absolutely vital that when you go to the sea nobody asks you where are you going. If that happens, the best thing to do is to go home. It’s because of the superstition that when someone asks you that question when you’re going fishing, you’ll catch noting. Other superstition is that if you light your cigarette on candle flame, one sailor will die.

    • Deckard says:

      Well, the second superstition has a very simple historical background: In older days, many sailors were working in candlestick factories when they didn’t have a job on a ship. So they said: If you light your cigarette on candle flame (as to say without using a candlestick) one sailor will die.

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