Sali – A Library in the Port!

For most visitors, Sali is the administrative, cultural and tourist center of Dugi Otok, one of the longest islands on the Croatian coast. The island belongs to the Zadar archipelago, a popular region for yachtsmen.

Sali is my favorite place to berth because of its library, not further than a few steps away from a very-well organized marina in the town’s center. Tired of commercial and always-the-same tourist offer, there is nothing better than visiting the library!

Honestly, the library in Sali is far more than just a place where you can enjoy reading. Equipped with a large number of books in many languages, it is a hotspot on the Sali waterfront. Relaxing and meditative music completes the cool atmosphere of this place where visitors can read books, play chess, chat with friends, or just sit and meditate. The view through the library’s windows can take you to the world of imagination and another reality. There are also numerous exhibitions and cooking competitions, traditional folklore and art performances, presentations of customs related to fishing tradition, etc.


After relaxing in the library, you can continue your day in the neighboring Maritimo bar, where the preparation of ice cold cocktails is accompanied by hot rhythms of renowned DJs. Do not let Sali be just another unread book at the end of your sailing trip this year…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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