Hanse 415

Simplicity in Its Entire Splendor – Hanse 415

Hanse Yachts once again rewarded both private owners as well as the people who wish to charter a yacht with the beautiful and easy-to-sail model Hanse 415. When mentioning 41-footer we usually talk about a considerable sailing yacht made for ‘real sailing’ or even sailing.

The Hanse 415 also has all components that make our sailing ‘real’ but everything looks so simple and easy. First of all, Judel/Vrolijk & Co. designers’ team equipped this yacht with a self-tacking jib which makes tacking as easy as possible.

Furthermore, all other controls such as reef lines, halyards mainsail and jib sheet are led to the winches positioned just in front of the double-tiller set, making sailing extremely pleasant for the crew that does not want to be busy with sailing; and allowing skippers to sail on their own.

Even though it is about a yacht of 12.40 m of LOA, it is very easy to steer and keep the course even on the rough sea, thanks to very well balanced sails and ballast. The average speed of some 7-8 knots close hauled on a moderate wind around 15 knots really proves that Hanse 415 is a well sailing yacht.

In the case of no wind, this yacht would reach some 6-7 knots of SOG powered by 38 horse power Volvo engine and a saildrive.

The entire deck looks spacious and provides a lot of options for sunbathing underway or when anchored. Spacious teak-fitted cockpit ends with a wide aft and folding transom which makes a spacious swimming platform when lowered.

The interior is designed by Hanse Yacht Design and comes in several optional arrangements depending on the owner’s demands – two or three cabins, one or two toilets/bathrooms, storage areas according to the numbers of cabins etc.

The saloon is designed in traditional fashion but looks modern and spacious due to simple lines and curves of the furniture along with a lot of day-light coming from large hatches.

Fuel tank capacity of some 160 l and fresh water capacity of some 520 l also seem considerable, giving a fair deal of sailing autonomy, which again makes this yacht perfect for relaxed cruising.

Experienced and petty sailors would notice that outward opening ports along the cabin roof are not the best and happiest option because they might be dangerous when moving along the deck and sailing. Considering that they would be closed under way and that all the crew would be inside when the ports are open, this slight detail would not ruin the positive overall image of this splendid yacht.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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