Sleep on a Sailing Trip – Reality or Myth?

Many say that they the only place they can fall asleep is their own bed. That is why the first thing you check when chartering a sailing yacht or a motor boat are the bedrooms. People usually complain about their size and lack of space, in fear of insomnia and inability to have a proper rest.

The shape of the bedroom and the size of the bed are important factors when discussing the overall comfort of the boat, but let’s look at it from another perspective. The experiences of sport sailing compared to leisure sailing give us a totally different point of view. A full day sailing trip filled with a lot of trimming, tacking and jibing, breathing fresh sea air, getting a lot of sun or swimming exhausts the body much more than we think. Especially after a warm and refreshing meal, one is ready to fall asleep or take a power nap, regardless of the circumstances.

That’s why people are able to fall asleep on the boat, despite the engine being on, or other crew members still working, rocking the boat over the waves. Even if the day is hot and the sun is burning, the night in the cabin can be cool and refreshing, due to the night breeze and sea temperature. The body finds a way to have the necessary rest, regardless of the conditions, so there is no risk of insomnia on the boat.

Of course, there can always be situations when our roommate snores louder than the engine or the loudspeaker of the neighbor boat with the party going on. In these cases, some specific strategies can be employed. If you know that you have a loud sleeper in your cabin, try to fall asleep before him, use ear plugs, or just join the party on the other boat!

You should not fear sailing insomnia if you fulfill your day with onboard activities and experience the seafarer’s life with full lungs!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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