Stončica Bay, Vis Island – Much More than Just a Safe Anchorage

That’s true, Stončica Bay on the NE end of the island Vis refers to one of the deepest, safest and most interesting bays on the island. Firstly, as you approach you will spot the magnificent lighthouse which dominates the landscape and shows the way to seafarers since 1865. Current lighthouse keeper is very artistically talented. He makes beautiful figures and statues using only materials which he finds on the beach – splashed by the sea. Many times it is nothing but rubbish, but he brings the new life to disposed items.

Lighthouse, Stončica, Vis

Deeper in the bay you will find some 10 buoys operated by Vis Port Authority and some more space for anchoring. All you can hear in the bay is the symphony of crickets mixed with the children’s laughter coming from the beautiful sandy beach placed in the foot of the bay.


Right next to the beach is the place where interesting scents come from. It is a small restaurant placed in the shades of palm trees. When discussing the quality of their offer, one interesting data should be stated – they employ as much as 28 people! That’s right, and all of them work round the clock throughout the whole season. When asked for their special offer they would answer “everything”! And that really is so.

Fish offer depends on the fishermen’s luck and skill the previous night. Fish meals’ offer then depends on the prey. Seafood risottos and octopus salad along with grilled squids are being served on a regular basis. Meat dishes include different sorts of grilled chops and steaks, while traditional peka (dish prepared under a steel bell with hot charcoals on top) requires booking in advance.


After few minutes of talking to the owners, they would admit that there is a specialty of the house after all. It is a really unique fish soup for which people use to come back to Stončica. The other specialty would be specially prepared potatoes grown in their backyard. The recipe is secret so there is no other way to taste it but to visit Stončica and put your soul in the hands of restaurant owners and their cheerful staff. Their working hours start at 10:30 AM after which they answer the phone and take your reservation. See you in Stončica!

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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