The Island of Lastovo

Lastovo’s west and northwest coasts are among the most indented island coasts on the Adriatic, hiding numerous coves and bays suitable for anchoring, swimming and snorkeling. However, extra care is needed wherever you drop the anchor of your charter yacht because this is an island where winds and surf are stronger than those closer to the mainland.

The island is actually a part of an archipelago consisting of 45 islets and rocks. The archipelago was declared a nature park, which means that an additional fee has to be paid for anchoring. A great challenge to yachtsmen is to sail around the entire archipelago and to visit every one of 45 islands and its bays, fields and churches. Many yachtsmen cannot resist the challenge, which is why they come back to this place again and again.


The island’s interior hides the town Lastovo, an ancient settlement with genuine architecture built in stone. The special characteristic of the town is the diversity of its chimneys. No one knows the reason for this, but its citizens have been competing with each other in building diverse and imaginative chimneys for generations. It is said that there are no two chimneys of a kind in Lastovo.

This island will also enchant those yachtsmen who like to hike and explore the interior of islands. The diversity of herbs and plants adds value for the visitors, and the entire island is connected by hiking paths and tracks. It is not unusual for a yachtsman to leave their boat and the rest of the crew in order to hike around the island and meet their companions in another bay at the opposite side of the island.

Zaklopatica, Lastovo

While hikers are enjoying the scents and sounds of the intact nature in the interior of the island, the other part of the crew can steer the yacht towards Zaklopatica bay on the north of the island, also known as the bay of good restaurants. The restaurants Triton and Augusta Insula confirm that title with their specialties made of fresh seafood, especially lobsters.
Lastovo is 55 NM away from both Split and Dubrovnik, two yacht charter centers in the Central and South Dalmatia. We recommend you to charter a yacht in Dubrovnik and sail to Lastovo via Mljet and KorĨula.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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