Hanse 315

The Sexy New Hanse 315

The renowned German boat manufacturer Hanse brings a new product to the market – the small Hanse 315. The Hanse 315 is advertised as a stylish and classy yacht with a certain degree of sex appeal. Sounds catchy, doesn’t it?

The reputation of Hanse is build upon style and class, so your neighbors in the marina will surely notice and admire your yacht, which has a distinctive design. The Hanse 315 has a steep stem and short overhangs, while the deep keel and the positive sheer give her elegance and are perfect for sporty performances. Well-balanced rigging and sailing areas guarantee fine sailing performances and a high level of safety since the inclination is significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the flat lines of the superstructure allow the crew to safely handle the sails, but also leave enough space for sunbathing and passing through. Although rather small, there is enough space aboard the Hanse 315 for performance sailing, a relaxed family cruise or a comfortable sailing week with friends.

Hanse 315
Source: hanseyachts.com

It is interesting that the standard equipment of the Hanse 315 includes the somewhat forgotten tiller control, whereas the twin rudders system comes as an option. The standard keel has a draught of 1.85 m, while the draught of the optional keel is 1.34 m. Easy sailing operations are possible thanks to a self-tacking jib. The steep stern is closed with a folding platform that can turn into a bathing area or a space for children to play. If you choose the version with the twin steering wheels, there will be a large folding cockpit table for serving delicious dinners during romantic sunsets.

The interior abounds with natural light and fresh air thanks to the scratch-resistant glass panes and ample portholes. Special emphasis is given to the storage place which is well-placed between the saloon, the pantry and the cabins. The standard height of the interior in the operational areas makes this yacht extremely cozy, regardless of her size. For example, the height of the companionway is 1.91 m and 1.77 m in the bow. Depending on the chosen option for the bow, it can come with an open bulkhead and double berth, or with a closed bulkhead, a small seat and a variable double berth. The stern comes with a comfortable king size berth. In the saloon, there is a galley, a chat table and a dinner table that is not very big, but can comfortably accommodate a crew of four.

Last but not least, the Hanse 315 is the smallest yacht in the class to receive CE category A. According to its description and technical data, it is a real small beauty, whereas the reputation of Hanse tells us that you cannot fail by choosing this baby for your holidays.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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