Top 5 Must-Sees When Sailing Around the Island of Crete

One of the sunniest spots in the Mediterranean, the island of Crete has a favorable climate with stronger winds only on its southern side. This means you can go sailing around this amazing island all year long and enjoy its unspoiled beauty. If you are sailing the south part, just try to stay close to safer harbors. When sailing on your charter yacht around Crete, there are several spots you should not miss seeing. Here is a list of top five.

  • Gulf of Mirabello
    Located in the north-east of the island, this wide gulf offers excellent conditions for sailing. The center of the area is the city of Agios Nikolaos with a former sweet water lake connected to the harbor by a channel. Legend has it that the lake is bottomless. Pay a visit to the small island of Mochlos with the remains of an ancient Minoan settlement or the village of the same name on the main island, as it is rumored to have the most colorful sunsets and daybreaks.
  • Spinalonga Island (Kalydon)
    This small island in the Gulf of Elounda is probably best known as the site of a leper colony in the 20th century. Fortifications from the 16th century are still preserved and make the island a remarkable sight. Spinalonga is surrounded by exquisite turquoise waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Heraklion
    While you’re in the area, steer your charter yacht in the direction of the island’s capital – Heraklion – explore the town and make a trip to the ruins of the palace of Knossos (a 25-minute walk from the center). The most recognizable landmark of the city is the 16th century fortress in the harbor.
  • Rethymnon
    A unique charm of both Venetian and Turkish influences makes this town a sailing destination worth visiting. It is said that Rethymnon is not a place you go to, but a place you return to. The attractions include the Venetian fortress with amazing views of the area, the stone lighthouse in the harbor, the Agios Pavlos and Triopetra beaches south of the town and the amazing caves the area abounds in.
  • Gramvoussa Island & Balos Lagoon
    Last, but not least, the beautiful island of Gramvoussa. The most beautiful thing about it is that you can enjoy the peace and quiet in the exquisite waters, see the amazing sunset, relax and let your mind and body enjoy this piece of heaven on Earth.

The island of Crete is a wonderful sailing destination as it has many lovely bays and coves with clear turquoise waters so wherever you decide to go, you won’t regret it. For other charter destinations in the area, check out our page A Yacht Charter Greece with tips on chartering a yacht in Greece.

Have an unforgettable sailing journey!

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    We are thinking of chartering a boat to sail around Crete for 5 or so days. Is this achievable in this time frame to see the entire island?

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