Top 5 Places to Visit while Sailing Hvar

Experience history and modernity in one place. Read our tips on sailing Hvar and its top destinations – the towns of Hvar, Jelsa, Stari Grad, Vrboska, and the archipelago Pakleni Islands in its vicinity.

Known as the sunniest Croatian island, Hvar guarantees favorable sailing conditions all year long. So, what to visit on your yacht charter journey? We recommend top five destinations, although there is much more to Hvar than that.

    1. Hvar This town is a magical place where you can go sightseeing and exploring the island’s rich history, or party all night long in one of its fabulous clubs. The marina is in the very center of the town, so you can hop onto and off your chartered yacht any time you like, even if only to get fresh goods from the market when the hunger strikes.
    2. Jelsa A small town with its own special charm. Just like in Hvar, you can find a berth right in the town’s center. There, you can go for an ice cream or a cup of coffee, both very tasty and famous for their quality. The town boasts a beautiful public garden, the Lapidary and the remains of the old city.
    3. Stari Grad Stari Grad was once the capital of the island and is full of interesting sights, such as Tvrdalj, the summer palace of the Croatian poet Petar Hektorović, and the Stari Grad Plain, which is under UNESCO’s protection. There are also berths in the very center of the town, in a natural bay. Stari Grad is quiet and peaceful, ideal for family vacations.
    4. Vrboska Vrboska bears the title of “Little Venice” due to a number of small bridges connecting the two sides of a narrow bay in which it is situated. The sights of interest include the fortress of St. Mary Church and the Fisherman’s Museum.
    5. Pakleni Islands Pakleni Islands is an archipelago in the vicinity of Hvar and a nice place for a day trip. There are a number of small coves and bays where you can drop the anchor and enjoy the clean emerald waters. See for yourself in our video:

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