Try Sicilian Specialties in La Scaletta, Marettimo

At first sight you might think it’s just a seaside bar, but once you step in, you will see that La Scaletta will soon become your #1 choice for dining off your charter yacht. Chef and owner Giovanni Talafia runs the place with love and attention, preparing meals depending on what the local fishermen caught that day.

The mountainous island of Marettimo, one of the Aegedian Islands in the Mediterranean, is a place of peace and quiet, ideal for visitors going on a relaxed vacation. It is car-free so visiting it on your charter yacht is the best option there is to explore this hidden Sicilian jewel. The port and only settlement of the island is set on its west side and has that untouched authentic charm of Italian villages. There aren’t many tourists there, but those who come are always welcome by the hospitable locals.


La Scaletta is a restaurant, a snack and café bar and also a gelateria and pasticceria. The guests enjoy the simple, yet exquisite taste of Mediterranean food, with always fresh ingredients, seasoned with fresh herbs, and the deserts are a memorable part of the menu as well.

The restaurant was featured in Jamie Oliver’s special “Jamie’s Great Italian Escape” where you can see for yourself what the restaurant’s interior looks like and what chef Giovanni’s food prerogatives are. The terrace has a beautiful view over the waterfront and to dine there is to feel the Mediterranean spirit in its purest form.

So, when chartering your yacht in Italy and choosing where to sail, do not miss the opportunity to steer it in the direction of Marettimo and stop for a delicious meal at La Scaletta. Buon appetito!

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