If you hire a skipper, he will certainly help you on the spot with choosing a route, but in any case, it is very important to research well the possibilities and which route best meets your needs. We have developed a tool, Route planner, that allows you to easily compose your own sailing route.  

If you are sailing for the first time or are an inexperienced sailor, after creating a route ask our agents to revise your route. It may happen sometimes that you forget to take into account the weather conditions, maximum speed at sea, which would greatly change your plans. Anyway, at least partially plan your route before your trip so you can enjoy your dream holidays.

Always Pay Attention to Your Safety

The weather forecast must be the alpha and omega of every sailor. Always keep track of changes in weather and wind so you can plan or adjust your route. Never, but never, counter and heed the safety warnings of meteorologists because that is exactly how accidents at sea occur. Even at the cost of staying a day longer at a destination you didn’t plan on, your safety and the safety of your children is a priority and not worth the risk. 

Hamag bicro

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