Costs of Chartering a Yacht

The vessel price includes the following:  

  • Dinghy + paddles  
  • Bed linen (charter agencies in Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro)  
  • Cooking utensils  
  • Safety equipment (please note that it is necessary to inform us if there will be children on board, so that they can be provided with life vests suited to their age and growth)  
  • Nautical maps and pilot books  
  • Other necessary equipment for a safe and pleasant sailing required by law  

When booking a boat, make sure to check if your boat is equipped with towels or if you can rent them on the boat. If not, you should take your towels (both beach towels, as well as those for personal hygiene).  

For those eager to learn more about sailing, a skipper will gladly show you basic sailing techniques and manoeuvres, as well as answer all your questions.  

Sailing Crew - Skipper

However, you also must provide a skipper with food (apart from the amount you pay him per day). Should you decide to eat in a restaurant, you have three options:  

  • You can take a skipper with you 
  • You can give them money to buy the food and drink on their own
  • You can buy enough food, so that a skipper can eat on board while you are in a restaurant  

In the event of a bareboat charter, a client skipper must be in possession of a certificate of competence to charter a boat. It is also a legal requirement for one member of the crew to be qualified to operate a VHF station.  

Sailing Crew - Hostess

Hostess - approximately €150 - 200 per day + food. Their services include the following: bedding, cleaning, preparing breakfast and sometimes a light lunch, shopping groceries, assisting the skipper, etc.  

Cook - approximately €150 - 220 per day + food  

Note: all crew members have to be provided with food - please check the explanation above, in the section "Skipper".  

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